Trump Interior moves to stop mountaintop removal study.

Trump administration officials have told the National Academy of Sciences to cease all work on a study of the public health risks for people living near mountaintop removal coal-mining sites in Appalachian. Charleston Gazette-Mail, West Virginia

Trump’s first list of science priorities ignores climate—and departs from his own budget request.

The memo lists five priority areas (in this order): military superiority, security, prosperity, energy dominance, and health. Each is prefaced by the word “American” in keeping with the administration’s approach to branding issues. Science

Undermanned EPA delays action on lead in drinking water.

Even after the Flint scandal reawakened the nation to the dangers posed by lead drinking water pipes, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency appears to be in no rush to strengthen federal health standards. Circle of Blue

Climate advisory group died quietly.

A climate change science advisory group assembled by the Obama-era Interior Department is dead for now. If it's revived by the Trump administration, it will likely have a new mission. ClimateWire

Governor urges Trump to drop Virginia from offshore drilling plan.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe urged the Trump administration to exclude his state from a federal offshore oil and gas drilling plan, citing concerns about revenue sharing and environmental issues, in a letter that his office revealed on Thursday. Reuters

National parks put a ban on bottled water to ease pollution. Trump just sided with the lobby that fought it.

The Trump administration has ended a six-year-old ban on selling bottled water at some national parks that was aimed at easing plastic pollution and the huge amount of waste being recycled. Washington Post

The other terrible thing Donald Trump did yesterday, you know, besides the neo-Nazi stuff.

The ultimate head in the sand executive order. Mashable

Trump signs order rolling back environmental rules on infrastructure.

In an explosive news conference overshadowed by questions about his response to a white nationalist rally over the weekend, the president said he was streamlining regulations in order to speed construction of infrastructure projects like roads and bridges. New York Times

Trump to roll back Obama's flood standards for infrastructure.

President Trump will sign an executive order to roll back standards that demanded the federal government account for climate change and sea-level rise when building new infrastructure, the White House confirmed. New York Times

Trump has broad power to block climate change report.

The report poses a challenge to a White House that has been moving aggressively to reverse the Obama administration’s policies and rules on climate change. ProPublica

Trump promised beautiful bridges and roads. Now he’s putting them in harm’s way.

He’s “throwing out any guarantee that our infrastructure will be safe.” Mother Jones

Trump to reverse Obama-era order aimed at planning for climate change.

The White House says the new order will accelerate development, but environmentalists say it leaves the country more vulnerable to damage from rising seas and oceans. Washington Post

Trump orders faster permitting on infrastructure projects.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order to speed approvals of permits for highways, bridges and other major building efforts as part of his proposal to spend $1 trillion to fix aging U.S. infrastructure. Reuters

Greens sue EPA over toxic chemical rules.

Several environmental groups sued the EPA on Monday over rules, published in July, that determine which uses of chemicals the agency will assess before allowing the chemicals to be sold on the open market. The Hill, District of Columbia

EPA plans to rewrite Obama-era limits for coal power plant wastewater.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it plans to scrap an Obama-era measure limiting water pollution from coal-fired power plants. Associated Press

Mom blames Anaconda soil for daughter's exposure to lead.

Montana Clean Air Coalition, held a press conference at a Berkeley Pit overlook to draw attention to what Trump’s proposed budget cuts – 31 percent from EPA and 30 percent from Superfund – could mean to the average Butte and Anaconda citizen. Butte Montana Standard, Montana

Trump has no science adviser. Will that politicize climate?

Federal scientists might feel as if their parents are out of town. In the Trump White House, there isn't a presidential science adviser to oversee a major report on climate change. ClimateWire

Trump’s environmental agenda is crashing into the courts.

Pruitt used to sue the EPA. Now he’s being sued for what he’s doing with it. Vox


Scott Pruitt is carrying out his E.P.A. agenda in secret, critics say.

When career employees of the Environmental Protection Agency are summoned to a meeting with the agency's administrator, Scott Pruitt, at agency headquarters, they no longer can count on easy access to the floor where his office is, according to interviews with employees of the federal agency. New York Times

Trump officials begin review of Obama emissions standards for cars.

The Trump administration gave notice it intends to relax the rules governing greenhouse gas emissions on new model cars Thursday, in its latest move to undo President Barack Obama’s climate policies. Washington Post

US scientists contradict Trump's climate claims.

As President Donald Trump touts new oil pipelines and pledges to revive the nation's struggling coal mines, federal scientists are warning that burning fossil fuels is already driving a steep increase in the United States of heat waves, droughts and floods. Associated Press


Against the stream: The future of the federal Clean Water Act.

Brian Bienkowski

A pitched battle is being waged over which water sources warrant federal protection under the Clean Water Act. Who’s right, and who will prevail? Undark

Court ruling on HFCs deals another blow to Paris climate goals.

A U.S. court ruled the EPA lacked authority to regulate the powerful greenhouse gases, used for cooling and refrigeration. Industry had supported the regulations. InsideClimate News

Under Trump, coal mining gets new life on US lands.

A business-friendly secretary of the interior has moved to invigorate a struggling industry, reversing Obama-era restrictions to help create “wealth and jobs.” New York Times


Trump's EPA threatens kids' health by rejecting pesticide ban.

Now the New Jersey Legislature is taking a welcome stand against Trump's Environmental Protection Agency and its chief, Scott Pruitt, over a pesticide called chlorpyrifos. more…

Environmental regulations weren’t created without cause.

Join us on a trip to the 1960s and early 1970s with this true-or-false test about the Clean Water Act, which turns 45 this year, and the Clean Air Act, which is 2 years older. more…


Trump: Flood protection for me, none for thee.

Trump sought to protect his golf course from rising seas, but is undoing protections for vulnerable Americans and taxpayer-funded projects. more…

The axis of climate evil.

The GOP is completely united behind its project of destroying civilization, and it’s making good progress toward that goal. more…