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Trump Interior moves to stop mountaintop removal study.

Trump administration officials have told the National Academy of Sciences to cease all work on a study of the public health risks for people living near mountaintop removal coal-mining sites in Appalachian. Charleston Gazette-Mail, West Virginia

Warming rivers threaten iconic Michigan fish.

A beloved, cold-loving state fish is in danger of overheating. Daily Climate

Federal fish policy a flop, study finds.

Canada has one of the world’s most robust wild-salmon conservation policies, but has largely failed to execute its plan even as many B.C. salmon populations have fallen into crisis, according to a new study. Vancouver Sun, British Columbia

What’s the buzz? Research could help bumblebees as well as California farms.

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside, are collecting bees to figure out what role climate change, poor nutrition and vulnerability to pesticides and parasites play in bee declines. Sacramento Bee, California

Researchers look to nanomaterials to clean air, water and land.

First explored for applications in microscopy and computing, nanomaterials — materials made up of units that are each thousands of times smaller than the thickness of a human hair — are emerging as useful for tackling threats to our planet’s well-being. Ensia

The world eyes yet another unconventional source of fossil fuels.

Vast quantities of methane hydrates — frozen deposits of natural gas on the sea floor — exist worldwide. But as experimental drilling moves forward, many experts question the wisdom of exploiting a costly, environmentally risky trove of fossil fuels that will accelerate global warming. Yale Environment 360

The fundamentalists holding us back from a climate change solution.

The evangelical Christian movement has been at war with environmentalism for decades—but the stakes have never been higher. Vice

Is Scott Pruitt on the campaign trail?

President Donald Trump's EPA chief is getting a lot of airtime as he travels across the country, causing some strategists to suspect he has higher political aspirations. Politico

In Montana’s Indian country, tribes take opposite sides on coal.

The Crow and Northern Cheyenne live miles apart but stand on opposite sides of U.S. President Donald Trump’s pro-energy agenda. Their differences reflect a broader divide on drilling and mining among America’s 567 federally recognized tribes. Reuters

US government disbands climate-science advisory committee.

US president Donald Trump's administration has disbanded a government advisory committee intended to help the country prepare for a changing climate. Nature

Big utilities meet their match in solar scuffle.

Solar advocates win a surprising victory in Nevada. High Country News

As India's climate changes, farmers in the north experiment with new crops.

Adapting to their changing conditions, women are harvesting organic potatoes they planted in January. That's when villagers took advantage of their lengthened growing season for the first time. Weekend Edition, NPR

The West is in the middle of the worst flash drought in recent memory.

Conditions in the Great Plains are devastating farmers and ranchers. Climate Desk

Ranchers in parched US Northern Plains welcome hay lottery.

Hundreds of livestock ranchers in the drought-stricken U.S. Northern Plains are embracing what organizers say is the first lottery designed to provide some much-needed relief to their operations. Reuters

Britain’s seabird colonies face catastrophe as warming waters disrupt their food supply.

Populations of gannets, puffins and other marine birds are in freefall, but a crucial scientific study to pinpoint the causes is being blocked, say experts. The Guardian

Researchers struggle to find anywhere in Pacific Ocean untouched.

Scientists aboard a French research ship say they have been shocked to see the extent of coral bleaching across the Pacific Ocean, just halfway through their two-year voyage around the world. ABC News Online, Australia

Genetically-modified crops included in Queensland climate change plans.

Queensland farmers could use genetically-modified plants to tackle the threat of climate change. Brisbane Times, Australia

Leaked climate report paints dry picture of US Southwest.

Here in New Mexico and the rest of the southwestern U.S., climate scientists are learning more about what’s happening now - and what the future holds. NM Political Report, New Mexico

Energy dilemma weighs on Vietnam.

State planners say more than 50 percent of national power will be coal-fired by 2030, a big boost in the fossil fuel's use that will worsen pollution and undercut climate change goals. Asia Times, Hong Kong

South Asia faces fury of floods.

Aid agencies warn of a serious unfolding humanitarian crisis as floodwaters continue to inundate new areas of three South Asian countries, forcing millions of people to flee their homes for shelters. Inter Press Service

It’s time to start talking about “negative” carbon dioxide emissions.

The world’s nations have agreed, almost unanimously, to try to limit the rise of global average temperature to 2 degrees Celsius or less over preindustrial levels. Vox

Right of way.

Pennsylvania residents in the path of the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline brace for a fight over its construction. The Intercept

What happens to solar power in an eclipse? We'll find out on Monday.

As the eclipse carves a long shadow over California on Monday morning, it is expected to knock offline more than 5,600 megawatts’ worth of solar panels at its peak. New York Times

Mangrove-planting drones on a mission to restore Myanmar delta.

Drones could plant trees 10 times faster and cut costs by half. Thomson Reuters Foundation

Diesel still needed to meet climate goals, Merkel says.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Sunday against a swift abandonment of diesel cars after a series of emissions scandals, saying the fuel is still needed if climate change targets are to be met. Reuters

VW gives green light for electric version of classic Microbus camper van.

Volkswagen has decided to go ahead with production of an electric version of its classic Microbus camper van as it seeks to boost its electric vehicle credentials. Reuters

Refiner Valero's secret campaign against US biofuels mandates.

The policy overhaul favored by Valero would free refiners from the obligation to blend biofuels or buy credits, shifting that burden to firms further down the supply chain toward retailers. Reuters

An end to secondhand smoke: Can Southeast Asia finally breathe a sigh of relief?

Cutting decades of destructive practices in just two years was unrealistic. OZY

Car industry bonuses unfair after diesel scandal, says Merkel.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has described big bonuses to car industry executives as unfair following the diesel emissions scandal and called on the industry to rein them in. The Guardian

Germany: 'Diesel crisis' could hurt our economy.

The German government said Monday that while it was impossible to quantify the potential fallout at this stage, the risk to future growth could not be ignored. CNN Money

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