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Perry pursuing policy on coal, nuclear power at odds with Texas record.

As multiple Texas coal plants wind down operations, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry is pushing a widely decried proposal to subsidize coal and nuclear plants in the name of grid resiliency. Texas Tribune, Texas

Why does green California pump the dirtiest oil in the US?

California may be a leader in climate policies, but much of its abundant oil reserves are nearly as carbon-intensive to extract and refine as Alberta tar sands crude. Many experts now say that reform of the state’s methods of producing oil is long overdue. Yale Environment 360

Portuguese kids hit climate lawsuit crowdfunding milestone.

Following the second bout of deadly forest fires this year, seven children are preparing to sue for stronger climate action through the European Court of Human Rights. Climate Home

California Dept of Insurance estimates wildfires losses at $1.05 billion.

The California Department of Insurance said on Thursday its preliminary estimate for insured wildfire losses was $1.05 billion, based on claims received by the state’s eight largest insurers, adding that the numbers are expected to rise. Reuters

Renewables to flatline under Turnbull government's energy policy.

Critics say it will make it harder for Australia to meet its climate goals and dent jobs in the industry. Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

How the wildfires are hurting California's wine industry.

As the blazes continue, they pose risks to businesses that account for the majority of Napa County’s economic output and employ almost half its workers. The Atlantic

New connection technology is cutting cost of solar installation.

Utility customers in Ohio and Nebraska are among those taking advantage of a new and simpler technique for connecting solar arrays and other renewable energy systems to the grid. Midwest Energy News, United States

Is climate change Hollywood's new supervillain?

Eco-thriller Geostorm, with Gerard Butler as a weather-busting scientist, is the latest movie to battle the environment. The Guardian

EU agrees measure to safeguard carbon market from Brexit.

EU lawmakers and member states have agreed ways to safeguard the carbon market if Britain leaves the emissions trading scheme as a result of Brexit. Reuters

Texas homeowners affected by Harvey are about to see their property values drop.

Some — but not all — southeast Texans could see property tax breaks after the hurricane damaged their homes. The inequity has reignited intra-GOP tensions from earlier this year over disaster-related property tax re-assessments. Texas Tribune, Texas

US House members ask EPA not to lower biofuels requirements.

A group of 22 members of the U.S. House of Representatives asked the Environmental Protection Agency in a letter on Thursday not to lower some requirements for mixing biofuels into the country’s fuel supply, but also not to let ethanol exports qualify for renewable fuel credits. Reuters

The future for financing Africa’s renewable energy.

Lack of energy access presents a formidable challenge to Africa and lack of access to financing has been singled out as the biggest reason why over 620 million people living on the continent are stuck in energy poverty. Inter Press Service

Unfair trade: US beef has a climate problem.

Future trade deals in the US, and around the world, must explicitly assure that trade and profit do not override climate policy. Mongabay

Fiji to sell world's first climate-change 'green' bonds.

Fiji will issue a $50 million “green” bond in coming weeks to help combat the effects of global climate change, the first developing country to do so, its prime minister said on Wednesday. Reuters

Could San Francisco get the oil industry to pay for climate change?

Engineering a solution to the rising tides will be enormously expensive. Which is why the city thinks someone else should pay for it. Like, say, Big Petroleum. Wired

Malcolm Turnbull's national energy guarantee plan masks a carbon price.

The Turnbull government's new national energy guarantee could introduce a de facto carbon price, measuring the cost of emissions for the first time since the Abbott government scrapped the carbon tax in 2014. Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Puerto Rico's environmental catastrophe.

Hurricane Maria has exposed and intensified the island’s ecological crisis and its human consequences. Can it build a sustainable future? The Atlantic

US firm to build solar plants in blackout-plagued Gaza.

The Gaza Strip will have three new solar energy plants operating by April, the U.S.-based energy firm behind the project said on Tuesday. Reuters


Caisse aims to cut portfolio's carbon footprint 25 percent by 2025.

The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec is setting bold targets to shelter its portfolio against the impact of climate change. Globe and Mail, Ontario

Turnbull energy policy 'remarkably similar' to intensity scheme, Kim Carr says.

The Turnbull government’s national energy guarantee has “remarkable underlying similarities” to an emissions intensity scheme in the electricity sector, according to the Labor industry spokesman, Kim Carr. The Guardian

A small firm in Germany has big ambitions in green energy.

Consumers have spent about 190 billion euros on sources like wind and solar, which account for about one-third of the country’s electric power. New York Times


World petrol demand 'likely to peak by 2030 as electric car sales rise.'

World petrol demand will peak within 13 years thanks to the impact of electric cars and more efficient engines, energy experts have predicted. The Guardian

Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars.

Electric cars won’t eradicate gridlocks and air pollution, but carbon footprints could be cut by favouring pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit. The Guardian

Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030.

Paris authorities plan to banish all petrol- and diesel-fueled cars from the world’s most visited city by 2030, Paris City Hall said on Thursday. Reuters


Hurricane Ophelia: A warning on climate inertia.

Even if emissions are stabilised through international agreements, the worst effects of global warming have yet to be experienced. more…

Undoing the Clean Power Plan.

EPA Director Scott Pruitt achieved a long-sought personal victory last week when he signed a measure to begin the process of repealing the Clean Power Plan, a 2015 measure aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. more…

Mr. Trump nails shut the coffin on climate relief.

Ending goals to cut emissions from coal-fired power plants will be the most serious blow to President Obama’s legacy on global warming. more…


Automakers shouldn’t fight emissions standards.

As top automakers commit to take on climate change, industry lobbyists are undermining fuel economy and emissions standards. more…

No more doubt: Climate change hitting California.

There can no longer be any doubt that man-made, worldwide climate change is greatly affecting California and will affect it much more in the next half century unless there’s major action. more…

Jobs bonanza? The Adani project is more like a railway to nowhere.

The Carmichael coal mine was once pitched as a choice between jobs and the environment. So where are the jobs? more…