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EPA asked Heartland for experts who question climate science.

The Heartland Institute has found an ally in U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt as he seeks to portray climate science as a debate. more…

Trump increasingly isolated as Nicaragua to sign Paris Agreement.

President Daniel Ortega has announced Nicaragua will sign the Paris climate agreement, leaving Donald Trump and Syria's Bashar Assad heads of the only two countries not taking part in the global accord. more…

Canada has too much clean electricity. Anybody want it?

Canada, a country that runs on almost 60 percent hydropower, has a problem: It has more clean electricity than it can use, and a whole lot more of it is on the way. more…

Canada deploys 'multi-pronged' lobbying to counter Trump's EPA cuts.

Elimination, laceration or privatization: inside the Trudeau government's full-court press to save ENERGY STAR from Trump's budget knives. more…

Pumped hydro storage 'could make Australia run on renewable energy alone within 20 years.'

Australia has the capacity to store up to 1,000 times more renewable energy than it could ever conceivably need. more…

Human frontiers: How much heat can the body and mind take?

"We tend to think we're stronger than nature - but we're not," explorer says. more…

Hurricane Maria has dealt a heavy blow to Puerto Rico’s bankrupt utility and fragile electric grid.

The company has huge debts and outdated heavily polluting power plants. more…

Tougher energy codes can help cities meet climate goals — if they’re enforced.

City leaders may have to crack down on building owners to translate climate goals into energy efficiency and savings. That’s what New York is doing. more…

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks at Yale Climate Conference, urges change.

Leonardo DiCaprio closed out a climate change conference at Yale University Tuesday with a talk in which the actor criticized political hand-wringing and stressed the urgency of combating man-made changes to the environment. more…


Harvey - and storms to come - raise worries about dam safety.

The state climatologist is warning that Texas dams will become less able to withstand extreme weather events like Hurricane Harvey, which are expected to occur more frequently as the earth's atmosphere and oceans warm in coming years. Houston Chronicle, Texas

Hurricanes release energy of 10,000 nuclear bombs.

The Atlantic hurricane season is at its midway point but has already seen some mega-storms. Even average hurricanes release huge amounts of energy. Where does it all come from? Deutsche Welle, Germany

Can the United States afford another hurricane?

Repeated storms are stretching the public and private sectors thin. Hakai Magazine


Without federal help, local efforts add up in the climate fight.

According to two reports, states, cities, and businesses are on track to meet half the U.S. pledge to reduce carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement. Audubon Magazine

EPA trains employees on leaks, presentation shows.

Employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency received training this week to prevent leaks to the media of classified and sensitive information as part of a White House-directed crackdown across federal agencies to stamp out leaks, according to a slide presentation. Reuters

Administration officials meet to develop climate strategy.

Trump administration officials huddled at the White House on Wednesday in a bid to chart a more cohesive energy and environmental policy strategy, including a game plan for communicating its position on climate change, according to three people familiar with the meeting. Politico


World hunger haunts the UN festivities.

After a decade of decline, global malnutrition rose last year, as global warming and civil conflicts posed a greater threat. more…

Voters need unified plan for carbon tax.

2018 may be the year Washington voters are ready to take a carbon-tax initiative seriously — to form a consensus that they must do something, and to strike while the earth is hot. But not if multiple factions again muddle the message. more…

Hurricanes, planes and regional security.

Global warming and climate change pose an existential threat to the small island developing and coastal states of the Caribbean, which brings with it potential for social and political instability and threats to national security. more…

Continued denial leaves Florida in climate change crosshairs.

People today increasingly feel free to believe whatever suits them and there are still some who believe the world is flat, the moon landings were faked and smoking doesn't cause cancer. more…


When media sceptics misrepresent our climate research we must speak out.

Our climate paper underlined that strong action towards the 1.5C Paris goal is perhaps more valid than ever, but reading some of the media coverage you might think the opposite was true. more…

Why the last snow on earth may be red.

Watermelon snow is a perfectly natural phenomenon, but in an age of disappearing glaciers it is also problematic. more…

Climate optimism has been a disaster. We need a new language – desperately.

The extreme weather of the past months is a game-changer: surely now the world is ready to talk about climate change as a civilisation-collapsing catastrophe. more…

Florida must invest in infrastructure.

As the mayor of a coastal city, I have seen what good government can do to identify and invest in innovative solutions to address environmental and infrastructural deficiencies. more…

More Solutions News

Nike's new recycled leather shoes look like they were made from the real thing.

Flyleather is the company's latest attempt to reduce the footprint of its shoes, this time by weaving together leather scraps and synthetic material to create a less damaging, more durable shoe. Fast Company

Better 'sell by' dates, less food waste — and a bite out of climate change.

Simplifying "use by" labels should help reduce food waste, which releases greenhouse gases as it rots in landfills. The move could save people money, too. InsideClimate News

More Consequences News

Hurricane Maria passed, but for two women in Puerto Rico, the terror was only just beginning.

Neighborhoods have become disaster zones, the 100-mile island covered in detritus, destruction and despair. Washington Post

Illinois' vanishing bugs and why it matters to Earth.

Endangered insects, a little-known part of the Endangered Species Act, prepare for life under Trump. Chicago Tribune, Illinois

More Causes News

Far away from any witnesses, my small town is being poisoned by fracking waste.

In a tiny south-eastern Ohio town in the Appalachian foothills, the Hazel Ginsburg Well is holding waste from out-of-state fracking operations - a sludge of toxic chemicals and undrinkable water. The Guardian

What will happen to the Gulf Coast if the oil industry retreats?

Hurricane Harvey pummeled the country’s energy infrastructure, and there are few incentives in place to promote renewables. CityLab

More Politics News

Trump wants to eliminate program that oversees hurricane relief.

The federal agency tasked with managing billions in long-term hurricane-relief money is on the Trump administration’s chopping block. McClatchy Newspapers

Pipeline 'man camps' loom over British Columbia's Highway of Tears.

A B.C. First Nation prepares for a possible influx of thousands of temporary energy industry workers over the next decade to try to prevent increased violence and crime. National Observer, Canada

From the Daily Climate Newsroom

Pete Myers honored by Sierra Club for 'Distinguished Service.'

Founder of and recognized for efforts to increase the public's scientific literacy about our environment and health. Environmental Health News

UPDATE: TV News plays catch-up on the climate-hurricane link.


Cable News awakens. Sort of. Daily Climate

Fickle Nature: From too much hurricane to not enough ice in a few days.


Arctic ice cover reaches low (someone tell NASA). Daily Climate

Commentary: In TV hurricane coverage virtually no trace of the C-word.


For all of its A-plus, life-saving urgency in backing up evacuation efforts, TV news still can't bring itself to even ask the question. Daily Climate