Closing the climate talks, 'rays of light.'

The 23rd annual "Conference of Parties" (or COP23, in UN-speak) closed Friday with two key messages. more…

Climate talks close with Trump administration on one track, world on another.

The world climate conference ended Friday much the way it began two weeks ago — with the Trump administration bolstering legacy fuels like coal and gas, separating itself from much of the world. more…

Highs and lows of the Bonn climate talks – in pictures.

The successes and disappointments this week in Germany, where the world’s nations gathered for the 23rd annual conference of the parties to prevent dangerous global warming. more…

UN climate talks draw to a close as US holds firm on fossil fuels.

Delegates reported mixed progress in Germany, with the reemergence of divisions between rich and developing countries. more…

‘Planet at a crossroads’: climate summit makes progress but leaves much to do.

The UN negotiations in Bonn lay the groundwork for implementing the landmark Paris deal, but tough decisions lay ahead. more…

COP23: Should climate summits always happen in Bonn?

We ask delegates whether this year's co-hosting between Germany and Fiji has worked, or if it has amounted to mere tokenization. Could this set-up be replicated in the future? more…

COP23: Is Germany losing its role model status on climate?

It looks like the country will miss the goals it pledged in Paris. Could a Jamaica coalition change that? more…

Appeals court takes up youth climate change lawsuit against Trump.

A federal court will hear arguments on whether a novel global warming lawsuit that would pit the U.S. government against children can move to trial. more…

Crews cleaning up Keystone Pipeline leak in Marshall County.

Crews are working to clean up a pipeline leak that has spilled at least 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota. more…


Cycling downhill: has Copenhagen hit peak bike?

The share of trips taken by bike in Denmark’s capital has fallen. With ever more cars on the road and a new metro line about to open, can Copenhagen reach its target to have half of all journeys made by bike? The Guardian

Virginia launches plan to join East Coast carbon market, cut emissions 30%.

With a Democrat winning the governor's race, the cap-and-trade plan is expected to move forward. InsideClimate News

Tesla’s latest creation: An electric big rig that can travel 500 miles on a single charge.

The main course was expected: a pair of sleek silver Tesla semi-trucks that get 500 miles per charge, go from zero to 60 mph in five seconds and — if the hype is to be believed — promise to single-handedly transform the commercial trucking industry. Washington Post


Climate change denial or indifference are 'perverse attitudes': Pope.

Denying climate change or being indifferent to its effects are “perverse attitudes” that block research and dialogue aimed at protecting the future of the planet, Pope Francis said on Thursday. Reuters

4 big climate rules still alive under Trump.

President Trump has proudly declared the death of the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan, but that and other climate rules are still lingering. ClimateWire

Trump adviser says past U.S. emissions a 'distraction' in fixing climate.

Many nations’ view that the United States should do more to fight climate change because it is the biggest historical emitter is a “distraction” from technological innovation, an adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday. Reuters


Another climate study confirms what was known.

The latest National Climate Assessment, released Nov. 3, found the same thing countless other reports have found: Global warming is happening and human activity is driving most of it. more…

A climate change report isolates Trump.

Even the pariah nation of Syria is signing on the Paris Agreement, leaving the U.S. alone on the world stage as the only country refusing to abide the accords on curbing climate change. It’s a disgraceful position for the planet’s leading nation. more…


3 things we learned at this week’s U.N. climate change meeting.

It's not clear who can fill the gap created by Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement. more…

"Keep it in the ground!" Red carpet is rolled-out for German Chancellor Angela Merkel at COP23 in Bonn.

This red carpet is less plush than ones typically rolled-out for dignitaries and celebrities. But, its texture is rich in the diverse colors of multihued cultures while issues of social, economic, and environmental justice are deeply woven into its moral fabric. more…

More Solutions News

Britain, Canada ally to boost support for global coal phase-out.

Britain and Canada will urge nations at U.N. climate talks on Thursday to join them in a global alliance to phase out coal, a letter seen by Reuters shows, defying U.S. lobbying in favor of the fossil fuel at the same event. Reuters

Growing number of global insurance firms divesting from fossil fuels.

A growing number of insurance companies increasingly affected by the consequences of climate change are selling holdings in coal companies and refusing to underwrite their operations. The Guardian

More Consequences News

Weathering the heat.

In the decades ahead, as temperatures rise and droughts intensify, Northern California's climate, vegetation, and wildlife may look more like Southern California does today. East Bay Express, California

UN Climate Fund promised billions to poor nations. For some, the wait is long.

The Green Climate Fund was meant to help developing countries tackle climate change, but many of the most vulnerable nations have not seen any grants. New York Times

More Causes News

Battle lines drawn over coal at UN climate talks.

A score of mostly wealthy nations banded together at UN climate talks Thursday to swear off coal-fired power, a key driver of global warming and air pollution. Agence France-Presse

Industrial Strength: How the U.S. government hid the risks of fracking.

A pivotal EPA study provided the scientific rationale for exemptions that helped unleash the fracking boom. The study was rigged to protect industry interests. InsideClimate News

More Politics News

Nineteen nations say they'll use more bioenergy to slow climate change.

China and 18 other nations representing half the world’s population said on Thursday they planned to increase the use of wood and other plant matter from sustainable sources to generate energy as part of efforts to limit climate change. Reuters

At UN Climate Conference, treading lightly around the Americans.

Delegates at climate talks in Bonn are keeping their opinions to themselves about President Trump’s vow to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. New York Times

GOP plans to win tax and Obamacare fight by opening up Alaska’s Wildlife Refuge to drilling.

In a poetic finale, Republicans hope to gut the Affordable Care Act and pass corporate tax cuts by also opening up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. The Intercept

From the Daily Climate Newsroom

Did Rick Perry really just bring fossil fuels into the fight against sex assault?

"From the standpoint of sexual assault, when the lights are on, when you have a light that shines, the righteousness, if you will, on those types of acts." Environmental Health News

UPDATE: TV News plays catch-up on the climate-hurricane link.


Cable News awakens. Sort of. Daily Climate

Fickle Nature: From too much hurricane to not enough ice in a few days.


Arctic ice cover reaches low (someone tell NASA). Daily Climate

Commentary: In TV hurricane coverage virtually no trace of the C-word.


For all of its A-plus, life-saving urgency in backing up evacuation efforts, TV news still can't bring itself to even ask the question. Daily Climate