EPA scrubs climate change website of 'climate change.'

A new analysis made public on Friday found that an E.P.A. website has been scrubbed of scores of links to materials to help local officials prepare for a world of rising temperatures and more severe storms. New York Times

Dolphin diets show how climate change could alter food chains off the California coast.

Scientists studying dolphins dining off the California coastline have found that the marine food web is starting to look a little threadbare. Los Angeles Times

Trump's NOAA nominee signed weather deal with Chinese government.

Trump's nominee to lead NOAA inked a deal with the government suspected of hacking that very agency. Mashable

Facing public outcry, New Mexico restores evolution and global warming to science standards.

Students will learn the age of the Earth, too. Mother Jones

Al Franken auditions for Senate climate lead. Millions watch.

The Senate's funny guy is not joking around about climate change. ClimateWire

Pruitt's promised directive rattles science advisers.

U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's suggestion that he'd get rid of advisory committee members who also receive EPA grants has roiled the research community. Greenwire

4 questions about climate change and the California fires.

Rising temperatures can make the U.S. West dangerously combustible. We saw it this year in California wine country. InsideClimate News

How a forest with more mammals stores more carbon.

To the many moral and practical reasons for protecting the creatures with whom we share this blue marble, add one more. They might help Earth safely store more carbon. Anthropocene Magazine

This startup turns climate pollution into fish feed.

NovoNutrients wants to replace that fish food with something more sustainable: microbes grown with carbon dioxide. Fast Company

Satellite shows how forest CO2 emissions can skyrocket.

NASA data collected in 2015, an exceptionally warm year, raises more concerns about spiraling global warming feedback. InsideClimate News

Some groups want more CO2. Here's what that means.

A key argument used by climate skeptics to downplay the consequences of anthropogenic climate change is resurfacing: the idea that carbon dioxide emissions are a net positive for the planet's vegetation. ClimateWire

Asp – or ash? Climate historians link Cleopatra's demise to volcanic eruption.

Study of ice-core records and Ancient Egyptian documents suggests environmental forces helped seal the last Ptolemaic ruler's fate in 30BC. The Guardian

Skeptics suspicious of Pruitt plan to press him on red team.

Climate skeptics have been holding closed-door meetings to identify candidates for U.S. EPA's "red team" exercise aimed at poking holes in mainstream science and to discuss ways to prevent agency Administrator Scott Pruitt from reneging on his promise to do it. ClimateWire

Return of 'ocean chimney' the size of Tasmania puzzles Antarctic scientists.

A rare hole the size of Tasmania has opened up in the sea ice off Antarctica, enthralling scientists keen to understand its cause and the possible role of climate change in its formation. Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Are flatulent shellfish really contributing to climate change?

Scientists investigating marine life in the Baltic Sea have found mussels, oysters and clams are emitting greenhouse gases - but cows still trump them. The Guardian

Trump has taken longer to name a science adviser than any modern president.

The administration is moving forward on decisions that depend on science despite leaving the top White House scientific position open. Washington Post

Trump pick for top environment post: Carbon dioxide is 'the gas of life.'

President Donald Trump has picked Kathleen Hartnett White, a former Texas regulator and unapologetic advocate of expanding U.S. fossil fuel production regardless of carbon dioxide emissions, for the top White House environment post. InsideClimate News

Climate change may erode size of key tallgrass forage by 60 percent.

A dominant forage grass in Kansas and other Great Plains states could be diminished by climate change to less than half its current stature during the next 75 years, researchers said. Topeka Capital-Journal, Kansas


A cheap sodium salt battery could shake up grid storage.

Stanford University researchers have made a sodium-ion battery that can store the same amount of energy as today’s ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries at much lower cost. Anthropocene Magazine

Carbon-sucking technology needed by 2030s, scientists warn.

As efforts to cut planet-warming emissions fall short, large-scale projects to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere will be needed by the 2030s to hold the line against climate change, scientists said on Tuesday. Thomson Reuters Foundation

CRISPR: Can gene-editing help nature cope with climate change?

The new technology may have missed out on this year's Nobel prize, but its potential to shape the planet is growing by the day. London New Statesman, United Kingdom


Worrying new research finds that the ocean is cutting through a key Antarctic ice shelf.

The Dotson ice shelf holds back two large glaciers and connects to the larger West Antarctic ice sheet. Washington Post

University's 'digital sandbox' shows how climate change effects human life.

A team at the University of Bradford has mixed the latest computer technology with an old-fashioned sandpit to create a tool that can predict how climate change can transform civilisations. Bradford Telegraph & Argus, United Kingdom

Scientists hope damage to Larsen C ice shelf will reveal ecosystems.

A team of scientists is planning an expedition to examine the marine ecosystem revealed when an enormous iceberg broke off the Larsen C ice shelf earlier this year. The Guardian


Eye in the sky offers clearest vision of Earth.

The world’s latest carbon-monitoring satellite has advanced our understanding of how the planet functions. US politicians should take note. more…

Hurricane Ophelia: A warning on climate inertia.

Even if emissions are stabilised through international agreements, the worst effects of global warming have yet to be experienced. more…

Plenty of denial on both sides of global warming argument.

Many in the left and in the media (same thing?) like to shame as “deniers” anyone who expresses reservations about climate change theory. more…


Now even climate-change believers count as ‘deniers.'

Even if an opinion is wrong, debating it will teach more people what is right. And if the opinion is right, it offers an opportunity to exchange error for truth. Instead, we’re left with just one “right” way of thinking. more…

The Napa fire is a perfectly normal apocalypse.

It has already been a fire season and a hurricane season that are, as researchers say, consistent with models of a changing climate. more…

Interpreting the Paris Agreement’s 1.5C temperature limit.

In a commentary paper for the journal Geophysical Research Letters, we show that the temperature limits in the Paris Agreement should be understood as changes in long-term global averages attributed to human activity, more…