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thomas-500May 9, 2013

Environmental Health News, sister site to the Daily Climate, launches a free weekly digest of top news about children's health and the environment.

Daily Climate staff report

Environmental Health News is launching a new way for you to keep track of news from around the world related to children's health.

Once a week you can receive an e-newsletter that highlights the top children's health stories published by media outlets worldwide. The articles are hand-selected by EHN's staff of journalists and researchers from the estimated 1,000 stories we aggregate every week. You can receive this free weekly newsletter in addition to our daily AboveTheFold.

Let us do the work for you; we will send you the most interesting and important news of the week, including our own original journalism and independent reviews of new science. From hormone-like chemicals in food to the search for causes of autism, our links to these stories offer you a quick and easy way to keep up with local, national and global issues related to kids' health. A highlight of our inaugural newsletter is reporter Jane Kay's analysis of a new database revealing industrial chemicals in thousands of children's products.

Our free kids' health newsletter will be the first of many specialized newsletters to come on a variety of topics, including energy and fracking. We also offer a daily digest of the world's top climate news at the Daily Climate. These newsletters are just a small sampling of what we provide at EHN and the Daily Climate. Make sure you check out our searchable archives, which contain climate and environmental stories going back a decade.

Subscribe to the children's health newsletter here.

Send feedback to EHN's editor-in-chief, Marla Cone.

Check out our archives of stories on children's health.

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