A bill working its way through the Massachusetts state legislature would allow residents to contribute to a UN fund for climate-vulnerable countries when filing their tax returns.

STOCKHOLM—With new evidence that human activity has pushed beyond limits needed to preserve ecosystems, the impact of food systems across the globe needs to be reassessed, according to scientists.

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The warning the world could reach 1.5C warming even if pollution stopped today sets the stage as climate negotiators meet in Bonn to discuss progress since the COP26 Glasgow talks.
Countries have signed thousands of treaties that protect foreign investors from government actions. Some treaties protect fossil fuel projects—and they jeopardize global efforts to save the climate.

The heat wave has been severe enough to make international headlines, but it is far from the only impact of climate change I’ve witnessed in the first half of my six-month journey through India.

Feminists and environmental activists the world over have continually expressed disappointment in the failure of the U.N. system to stop climate change—or acknowledge it as a human rights or gender equality issue.

Countries aren’t doing nearly enough to protect against the disasters to come as the planet keeps heating up, a major new scientific report concludes.

On Monday, world leaders will gather at the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi to negotiate a global treaty to address plastic pollution.

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It is hard to think about the environment when lives are being torn asunder by war.

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Ahead of the release of the next installment, a survey gives insight into the challenges — and importance — of being a woman author for the highly anticipated report.

COP26 was a vitally important global gathering in the fight against climate change, but shocking in its lack of attention to current climate change impacts around the world.

Until recently, so-called “rights of nature” provisions that confer legal rights to rivers, forests and other ecosystems have been mostly symbolic. But late last year, Ecuador’s top court changed that.

The UN climate summit COP26, held in November 2021, focused the world’s attention on the urgent need to tackle climate change and concluded with 197 countries agreeing to the Glasgow climate pact. But opinions on the summit’s success are polarised.

The refusal of the United States and fellow rich nations to compensate developing countries for the devastation wrought by air pollution and climate change smacks of a kind of modern colonialism at its worst.

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The financial industry will be relied on to meet climate goals. NatWest, a lender to oil giants, provides a template.
Disorder and disagreements at the highest levels of government left British negotiators feeling unsupported — sometimes even undermined.
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