As the world gears up to transition its energy sources from fossil fuels to renewable energy to curb greenhouse gas emissions, new research warns that the “decarbonization of the economy is not inherently environmentally innocuous or socially inclusive."

The Kigali Amendment is a little-known climate accord meant to phase out the use of super-polluting hydroflourocarbons. Kerry helped make it happen.
If we want livable futures for our children, we must constantly criticize and question those who are tasked with providing them.
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Dozens of the top oil and gas companies in the world—including Shell, BP and Total—agreed this week to better track and reduce their methane emissions.

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Preparations for the next vital UN summit on the climate – one of the last chances to set the world on track to meet the Paris agreement – have been given a boost by the election of Joe Biden as president.

Rejoining the Paris agreement could conjure up a whole new batch of problems -- and force the U.S. to make up for lost time.

Fossil fuel money is not welcome to help run next year's Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow, as UK government seeks sponsors with net zero emissions plans.

The Cop26 negotiations in Glasgow, UK, are likely to be held a full year later than planned, to allow time to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control

Seven ways researchers and policymakers can make the start of this new decade a turning point for protecting the future of life on Earth.

People fleeing immediate danger due to the climate crisis cannot be forced to return home, the UN has said. The landmark ruling centres on the case of Ioane Teitiota, whose home - the Pacific Island of Kiribati - is threatened by rising sea levels.

The world's political and economic elite are descending on the small Swiss Alps town of Davos this week for the annual World Economic Forum meeting where they hope to set this year's "global, regional and industry agendas."

If you want something for the holidays that will make you throw up in your mouth a little, try this montage. From Media Matters for America.

With the COP25 negotiations failing to agree on carbon market rules, it will be up to the UK to bring the world together at the crucial 2020 summit.
Delegates from nearly 200 nations wrestled for more than 40 hours past their planned deadline.
Connecting the world’s new carbon emissions trading schemes remains a priority for countries struggling to meet their Paris Agreement targets.
As the annual COP25 climate change summit continues in Madrid, we asked delegates from all over the world how they were adapting their lives for the sake of the environment.
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