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J.J. Hastings came off the grid into a pandemic. Stranded in Washington, she started swabbing for the virus.
Solar energy has fallen in cost faster than experts predicted. How did electricity from photovoltaic panels get so cheap?

Climate change and human intervention, including mining, are a big threat to water security in the region.

A new video shows a pair of artists raising thousands of crickets—for musical collaboration and as a source of home-grown protein.
25 charging stations across the county of Troms and Finnmark will make even the remotest corners reachable in cold winter climate for electric car drivers.

As the First Nation considers an egg incubator to increase the Klondike River's Chinook population, questions linger about the ideal conditions for spawn survival.

The proposal would invest 750 billion euros in energy-efficient renovations, clean transportation, and renewable energy.

Grassroots initiatives to connect farmers directly to consumers are helping cut waste and boost income.

Plant-based meat sales are up 264 percent in US grocery stores.
In one of the driest corners of Europe, Manuel Barnes has watched the soil become healthier since he started growing almonds using techniques aimed at bringing new life to the land.
A producer of orecchiette and paccheri is using the potentially clean energy source in a trial.

There is little doubt that the enforced shutdown of normal commerce has played a major role in the air quality improvements we're seeing. The question is whether the temporary environmental gains from this unintended experiment in disease containment can be extended.

Companies are developing alternatives to single-use plastic, and with options including seaweed and mushroom tissue, consumer interest isn’t disappearing, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wider sidewalks and no-car zones are the new hot commodity. They could even help businesses reopen.

A stalwart of the Mexican landscape is finding a second life powering up buildings in the desert, and it is proving to be an unusually sustainable biofuel.

Indigenous leaders and advocates are celebrating block the controversial appointment of an Evangelical missionary to oversee protection of isolated tribes in the country's Amazon states.

Along a famed stretch of English coastline, amateur and professional collectors alike fill their satchels with fossils before the 200-million-year-old treasures are reclaimed by the waves.

More than 1,100 applications deluged a B.C. program creating a funding plan to restore dormant and inactive oil and gas wells within hours of the program's launch.

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