Climate change and human intervention, including mining, are a big threat to water security in the region.

25 charging stations across the county of Troms and Finnmark will make even the remotest corners reachable in cold winter climate for electric car drivers.

As the First Nation considers an egg incubator to increase the Klondike River's Chinook population, questions linger about the ideal conditions for spawn survival.

Aging, poorly maintained structures put thousands at risk—and climate change is only making things worse.
The proposal would invest 750 billion euros in energy-efficient renovations, clean transportation, and renewable energy.
Repairing all the country’s deficient dams could cost $70 billion. Having them fail would come with a far greater price, experts say.
Many need repairs. Let’s fix them before climate-related flooding gets worse.
Late rainfall, intense drought, dry riverbeds, more forest fires, less food available — indigenous communities across the Amazon suffer social transformations due to climate change.

Because of increasing rates of sea level rise fueled by global warming, the remaining 5,800 square miles of Louisiana's coastal wetlands in the Mississippi River delta will disappear.

We’re already seeing signs of accelerated forest mortality around the world. And it’s not just arid regions that may see forest die-offs, new research finds.
A stalwart of the Mexican landscape is finding a second life powering up buildings in the desert, and it is proving to be an unusually sustainable biofuel.

Along a famed stretch of English coastline, amateur and professional collectors alike fill their satchels with fossils before the 200-million-year-old treasures are reclaimed by the waves.

We will soon enter the most dangerous time of year for natural disasters. But the pandemic has turned disaster planning on its head.
Despite preservationists' best efforts, the Rhône Glacier may not be long for this world.

Rising seas are likely to overwhelm the wetlands that line the coast of Louisiana, destroying the protection they offer the city of New Orleans as well as the fisheries and tourism that contribute heavily to the state's economy, a new study says.

New temperature maps for the endless stretches of Russian Arctic lands bear witness of unprecedented warming.
Houston’s infamous lack of zoning could become a climate-policy asset as the sprawling Texas metropolis attempts to steer a more sustainable course.
Nonprofits are sending fewer volunteers. Local emergency managers risk being overwhelmed. FEMA is trying “virtual” assistance. And hurricane season starts June 1.
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