Unfair trade: US beef has a climate problem.

Future trade deals in the US, and around the world, must explicitly assure that trade and profit do not override climate policy. more…

Latinos leading on climate change.

All across the country, Latinos are working hard to fight polluters and protect our air, water and climate. Here are the Latino voices leading the way in fighting climate change. more…

Trump's NOAA nominee signed weather deal with Chinese government.

Trump's nominee to lead NOAA inked a deal with the government suspected of hacking that very agency. more…

US climate talks delegation to be led by under secretary Thomas Shannon.

An Obama-appointed diplomat will lead the US at first climate talks since Trump’s Paris withdrawal speech, he once called climate change “one of the world’s great challenges." more…

See the world's first floating wind farm.

By creating wind turbines that float, engineers have new possibilities for where they can generate power. more…

Fiji to sell world's first climate-change 'green' bonds.

Fiji will issue a $50 million “green” bond in coming weeks to help combat the effects of global climate change, the first developing country to do so, its prime minister said on Wednesday. more…

Could San Francisco get the oil industry to pay for climate change?

Engineering a solution to the rising tides will be enormously expensive. Which is why the city thinks someone else should pay for it. Like, say, Big Petroleum. more…

Stunning photos show the Alaskan Refuge under threat.

Opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling has been a contentious debate for decades. See what's at stake. more…

Facing public outcry, New Mexico restores evolution and global warming to science standards.

Students will learn the age of the Earth, too. more…


These city bus routes are going all-electric.

Electric bus startup Proterra is leading a shift away from diesel-powered public transit to help cities save money, improve health and cut greenhouse gas emissions. InsideClimate News

Whose ecological footprint is bigger: Medics, economists, or environmentalists?

A new study suggests that conservationists could do a lot more to lower their own carbon footprints. Anthropocene Magazine

US firm to build solar plants in blackout-plagued Gaza.

The Gaza Strip will have three new solar energy plants operating by April, the U.S.-based energy firm behind the project said on Tuesday. Reuters


Al Franken auditions for Senate climate lead. Millions watch.

The Senate's funny guy is not joking around about climate change. ClimateWire

Malcolm Turnbull's national energy guarantee plan masks a carbon price.

The Turnbull government's new national energy guarantee could introduce a de facto carbon price, measuring the cost of emissions for the first time since the Abbott government scrapped the carbon tax in 2014. Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Gore says sustainable energy will win - the question is whether it will win in time.

This might seem a tough time for environmentalists to be optimistic, what with President Donald Trump rolling back environmental regulations even amid mounting evidence of global climate change. But former Vice President Al Gore is trying. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania


The White House sees only dollar signs in the Arctic.

With subterfuge and an ear for those who can gain financially, the administration pushes to drill oil and mine gold in fragile areas. more…

Learning lessons from Northern California’s fires.

After 10 stressful days, things are returning to normal — at least a new normal — for most of us. more…

Eye in the sky offers clearest vision of Earth.

The world’s latest carbon-monitoring satellite has advanced our understanding of how the planet functions. US politicians should take note. more…


Even in Alberta, views on oil are changing: Steward.

Catastrophic weather events have shifted the views on burning greenhouse gases and politicians will need to respond. more…

Craft: EPA administrator should see Houston's post-Harvey pollution firsthand.

Ignoring science, weakening protections and crossing our fingers that the next storm does not target the Gulf Coast will not get the job done. more…

Automakers shouldn’t fight emissions standards.

As top automakers commit to take on climate change, industry lobbyists are undermining fuel economy and emissions standards. more…

More Solutions News

Trump 'committed' to US renewable fuels: Iowa governor.

U.S. President Donald Trump sought to ease concerns on Wednesday that his administration would make major alterations to biofuels policy, telling Iowa’s governor he was committed to a decade-old biofuels program even as a top official considers changing it. Reuters

Solar wants to help fix a power-grid problem it helped create.

Big solar farms helped create a power-grid predicament in California. And now they’re offering to help solve it. Bloomberg News

More Consequences News

Typhoon Lan poised to become a giant super typhoon, take aim at Japan.

It's 2017, which means a week cannot go by without a megastorm potentially devastating some part of the planet. Mashable

Analysis: Measuring public health impacts after disasters.

Epidemiologists study disease outbreaks in populations to determine who gets sick and why. In the wake of this year's hurricanes, they are assessing impacts from mold, toxic leaks and other threats. The Conversation

More Causes News

To see how oil drilling would transform the Arctic Refuge, look next door to Prudhoe Bay.

The spiderweb of infrastructure at Prudhoe Bay's oilfield will be replicated at the Arctic Refuge if it's opened to drilling—a fact legislators downplay. Audubon Magazine

Argentina’s vegan Mondays.

Some countries are considering ways to persuade people to stop eating meat. Economist

More Politics News

Caisse aims to cut portfolio's carbon footprint 25 percent by 2025.

The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec is setting bold targets to shelter its portfolio against the impact of climate change. Globe and Mail, Ontario

Turnbull energy policy 'remarkably similar' to intensity scheme, Kim Carr says.

The Turnbull government’s national energy guarantee has “remarkable underlying similarities” to an emissions intensity scheme in the electricity sector, according to the Labor industry spokesman, Kim Carr. The Guardian

America’s climate refugees have been abandoned by Trump.

As hurricane after hurricane ravages Puerto Rico and the Gulf Coast, the Trump administration has quietly walked away from a government-wide effort to help the growing number of American communities whose very existence is threatened by climate change. Mother Jones

From the Daily Climate Newsroom

UPDATE: TV News plays catch-up on the climate-hurricane link.


Cable News awakens. Sort of. Daily Climate

Fickle Nature: From too much hurricane to not enough ice in a few days.


Arctic ice cover reaches low (someone tell NASA). Daily Climate

Commentary: In TV hurricane coverage virtually no trace of the C-word.


For all of its A-plus, life-saving urgency in backing up evacuation efforts, TV news still can't bring itself to even ask the question. Daily Climate

Sea change of heart for the Secretary?

A stalled international agreement, once championed by Rex Tillerson, soars in significance. Daily Climate