Still waiting for FEMA in Texas and Florida after hurricanes.

After Harvey and Irma, residents are waiting weeks for FEMA inspections and hours on hold when calling the agency’s help line. more…

In China's coal capital, Xi Jinping's dream remains elusive.

At first glance, the coal city of Datong in northern China displays the hopeful signs of change that President Xi Jinping had in mind when he promised his nation a new “China dream.” But it's not that simple. more…

Kenya's vegetable evangelist claims a prize – and takes on climate change.

For 15 years, Felda Alividza and 21 other widows in this village in Kenya’s Vihiga County have grown something that might not sound that unusual: indigenous African vegetables. more…

Chinese scientists plant corals undersea.

Scientists are now wondering if corals can be planted on the seabed much like trees on land to significantly expand the acreage of coral reefs. more…

Waiting for the tide to turn: Kiribati's fight for survival.

The 33 islands of Kiribati, a remote and shallow nation in the Pacific Ocean, are under threat from climate change. But the islanders have not given up hope. more…

How will climate change affect animal sex ratios?

From habitat loss to extreme weather events, the world’s wildlife faces a list of challenges as a result of climate change. more…

Can this Republican restore integrity to Scott Pruitt’s EPA?

Pete Lopez is a Trump political appointee, and he's responsible for Puerto Rico’s environmental cleanup. But he's actually qualified for the job. more…

EPA cancels appearance by scientists at climate change conference.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has canceled plans for three of its scientists to speak on climate change at a conference in Rhode Island on Monday. more…


'Geostorm' is a very silly movie that raises some very serious questions.

Let's talk about hacking the climate. Popular Science The Conversation

Editor comments: Thing is, decisions about geoeningeering are already being made in real life. -DF

Biochar, the once and future agricultural mainstay.

Could an anaerobic charcoal offer a way to reduce fertiliser use and bump up carbon capture? Cosmos Magazine, Australia

Resort town gets high-priced help to take aim at turbines.

Already targeted by an appropriations bill in Congress, two proposed wind energy projects off the coast of Maryland could face a sneak attack in the Free State's upcoming legislative session. ClimateWire


Analysis: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s claim that the U.S. is 'leading the world' in 'C02 footprint' reductions.

Pruitt said the U.S. is leading the world in reducing carbon emissions, but he cleverly misrepresents the data to support his claim. Washington Post

Group suing for Vermont AG e-mails seeking climate collusion.

The Washington-based nonprofit group seeking access to private e-mails of retired Vermont attorney general William Sorrell is looking for information to prove that Sorrell conspired with other Democratic attorneys general colleagues to conduct a politically motivated investigation into Exxon Mobil’s position on climate change. Associated Press

Christian leaders demand implementation of Paris Agreement ahead of climate conference.

Christian leaders from various countries have signed a letter demanding action on the Parish Agreement in 2015 as the next phase of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany, draws nearer. Christian Daily


The White House sees only dollar signs in the Arctic.

With subterfuge and an ear for those who can gain financially, the administration pushes to drill oil and mine gold in fragile areas. more…

Learning lessons from Northern California’s fires.

After 10 stressful days, things are returning to normal — at least a new normal — for most of us. more…

Eye in the sky offers clearest vision of Earth.

The world’s latest carbon-monitoring satellite has advanced our understanding of how the planet functions. US politicians should take note. more…


Misguided renewable energy policies will ruin nation.

I fear there will be years of ­increasing pain before there is enough political courage to bring Australia to what it had in the past: cheap, reliable employment-generating electricity. more…

Clean Power Plan is good intentions gone bad.

Fewer coal plants mean less reliability. more…

Editor comments: Worth noting that the author, Phil Gonet, is president of the Illinois Coal Assoc. -DF

Insectageddon: Farming is more catastrophic than climate breakdown.

The shocking collapse of insect populations hints at a global ecological meltdown. more…

More Solutions News

New connection technology is cutting cost of solar installation.

Utility customers in Ohio and Nebraska are among those taking advantage of a new and simpler technique for connecting solar arrays and other renewable energy systems to the grid. Midwest Energy News, United States

China's Chongqing Changan to stop selling combustion-engine cars from 2025.

China’s Chongqing Changan Automobile on Thursday said it would stop selling combustion-engine cars, starting 2025, and invest more than 100 billion yuan ($15.10 billion) by that time to advance its “new energy strategy”. Reuters

More Consequences News

California Dept of Insurance estimates wildfires losses at $1.05 billion.

The California Department of Insurance said on Thursday its preliminary estimate for insured wildfire losses was $1.05 billion, based on claims received by the state’s eight largest insurers, adding that the numbers are expected to rise. Reuters

How the wildfires are hurting California's wine industry.

As the blazes continue, they pose risks to businesses that account for the majority of Napa County’s economic output and employ almost half its workers. The Atlantic

More Causes News

Tar sands pipeline described as ‘a quiet Keystone XL’ gets Trump approval.

Enbridge's Line 67, the Alberta Clipper, can pump nearly 900,000 barrels of tar sands oil across the Canadian border every day. InsideClimate News

Why does green California pump the dirtiest oil in the US?

California may be a leader in climate policies, but much of its abundant oil reserves are nearly as carbon-intensive to extract and refine as Alberta tar sands crude. Many experts now say that reform of the state’s methods of producing oil is long overdue. Yale Environment 360

More Politics News

Perry pursuing policy on coal, nuclear power at odds with Texas record.

As multiple Texas coal plants wind down operations, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry is pushing a widely decried proposal to subsidize coal and nuclear plants in the name of grid resiliency. Texas Tribune, Texas

EPA scrubs climate change website of 'climate change.'

A new analysis made public on Friday found that an E.P.A. website has been scrubbed of scores of links to materials to help local officials prepare for a world of rising temperatures and more severe storms. New York Times

Portuguese kids hit climate lawsuit crowdfunding milestone.

Following the second bout of deadly forest fires this year, seven children are preparing to sue for stronger climate action through the European Court of Human Rights. Climate Home

From the Daily Climate Newsroom

UPDATE: TV News plays catch-up on the climate-hurricane link.


Cable News awakens. Sort of. Daily Climate

Fickle Nature: From too much hurricane to not enough ice in a few days.


Arctic ice cover reaches low (someone tell NASA). Daily Climate

Commentary: In TV hurricane coverage virtually no trace of the C-word.


For all of its A-plus, life-saving urgency in backing up evacuation efforts, TV news still can't bring itself to even ask the question. Daily Climate

Sea change of heart for the Secretary?

A stalled international agreement, once championed by Rex Tillerson, soars in significance. Daily Climate