Scientists just found a surprising possible consequence from a very small amount of global warming.

Even minor global warming could worsen super El Niños, scientists find. more…

A Mississippi-sized area of forest disappeared in 2015.

A Mississippi-sized chunk of the world’s forests was decimated in 2015 because of wildfire, logging and expanding palm oil plantations, according to a new study. more…

Home sweet home: Islanders stay put even when the sea invades.

Islanders in the Philippines have stayed in their homes even after an earthquake caused subsidence and floods, according to a study on Monday that questions how far global warming will trigger mass migration as sea levels rise. more…

Warming seas endanger Antarctic ecosystem, and billion-dollar fishing industry.

A few small islands off the coast of Antarctica are the incubator for nearly all the marine life around the world’s southernmost continent. more…

Household batteries will be key to UK's new energy strategy.

Batteries and renewable power sources are on the verge of bringing about an “epochal transformation” of the UK that could make energy clean, abundant and very cheap, according to a cabinet minister. more…

Is a conservative climate movement heating up?

Optimists see hope in growing GOP support for renewable energy, but many Republicans still steer clear of anything that says climate change. more…

De Blasio calls on mayors to ‘push a little harder’ on climate change.

Mayor Bill de Blasio called on mayors worldwide to use their bully pulpits to “push a little harder” to improve sustainability and environmentally-friendly policies in their cities, saying it was time to take “matters into our own hands.” more…

Authorities probe whether Canadian businesses hide climate costs from investors.

Canadian authorities are seeking to beef up their oversight of publicly-traded companies so that they come clean about the costs of doing business on a warming planet. more…

So what if we’re doomed?

Climate chaos, mass extinction, the collapse of civilization: A guide to facing the ecocide. more…


Al Gore in San Francisco: Climate fight goes on without Trump.

Having climate change skeptic Donald Trump in the Oval Office won’t stop the U.S. from mounting an effective fight against rising global temperatures, former Vice President Al Gore argued at an event on Monday. San Jose Mercury News, California

Senate Democrats call for an investigation of climate scientist whistleblower complaint.

Eight Democrats on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee asked the Interior Department’s deputy inspector general on Monday to investigate Secretary Ryan Zinke’s decision to reassign roughly 50 senior career officials last month, on the grounds that it could constitute an “abuse of authority.” Washington Post

Patagonia's big business of #resist.

The iconic brand has long been the conscience of the outdoor industry, forsaking hefty profits to do the right thing. Now the company is going to war against the Trump administration over protections for public land—which happens to be very good for sales. Outside


Emissions scandal: VW showing 'utter contempt' for Londoners, says Khan.

The London mayor accuses Volkswagen of making the UK a laughing stock over refusal to pay £2.5m in compensation while it’s paid billions to US customers. The Guardian

Feds release final environmental impact statement for Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission concludes that, while the project’s construction and implementation is likely to result in “some adverse effects,” impacts can be reduced “to less-than significant levels.” Charlotte Business Journal, North Carolina

BMW denies diesel cheating as EU, Germany probe auto cartel.

BMW AG sought to defuse concerns about possible collusion with other German automakers by rejecting allegations of cheating on diesel emissions and downplaying talks with rivals as being focused on promoting exhaust-treatment technology in Europe. Bloomberg News

Pepsico, Unilever and Nestlé accused of complicity in illegal rainforest destruction.

Palm oil plantations on illegally deforested land in Sumatra – home to elephants, orangutans and tigers – have allegedly been used to supply scores of household brands, says new report. The Guardian


Scott Pruitt's EPA is failing East Chicago.

East Chicago, once a leading center of heavy industry, has suffered far more than its share of pollution. more…

Cap and trade’s cost: California’s fire prevention fee.

In order to win votes for AB398, the measure extending California’s cap-and-trade program through 2030, Gov. Jerry Brown offered a sweetener to Republicans representing rural areas: a suspension of the state fire prevention fee. more…

Policing California’s most precious resource.

Water disputes are a fact of life in California, and the recent drought has only increased the stakes in their outcomes. That’s why it is concerning that a Merced Democrat wants to change the resolution process. more…


Bernie Sanders and Al Gore on solving the climate crisis.

In this excerpt from The Bernie Sanders Show, Sanders talks to Gore about his new film, An Inconvenient Sequel. more…

Is Big Oil committing fraud to stay in business?

Around the world, lawyers are riffing off the fight against tobacco companies and launching lawsuits against Big Oil or against governments for failing to protect citizens from fossil fuel impacts. more…

How does climate change impact you?

Most people in Idaho believe climate change will not impact them. In reality, climate change is already impacting most of us in one way or another. more…

More Solutions News

Volkswagen to assemble electric cars in Rwanda.

According to Rwanda Development Board, the car manufacturer has completed a feasibility study to assemble cars with low fuel consumption and gas emissions in Rwanda, including electric cars. Kigali New Times, Rwanda

Inside China’s plan for a massive forest-covered city.

Architect Stefano Boeri designed tree-covered skyscrapers in Milan. Now he's doing a lot more in Liuzhou, China. Fast Company

As wind moratorium awaits signature, Avangrid CEO touts Amazon success.

As a bill that would suspend permits for new wind farms sits unsigned on Gov. Roy Cooper’s desk, North Carolina’s first wind developer is touting its projects in the state. Charlotte Business Journal, North Carolina

More Consequences News

UK should increasingly expect record winter rains, says Met Office.

Fears have been raised that the UK could soon see a repeat of the sort of flooding that has hit in recent years after forecasters predicted a one-in-three chance there would be a new record set for monthly rainfall during coming winters. The Guardian

If you’ve ever had Lyme disease, blame the anti-vaxxers.

In 1998 the FDA approved a a drug called Lymerix, and it was pretty effective until the chronic Lyme crowd and the anti-vaxxers started ranting: Mother Jones

The battle over 2,500-year-old shelters made of poop.

A falcon war in Greenland’s frigid north is a preview of habitat contests to come. The Atlantic

More Causes News

Emails show Iraq War PR alums led attempt to discredit Dakota Access protesters.

Behind the scenes, as law enforcement officials tried to stem protests against the Dakota Access pipeline, alumni from the George W. Bush White House were leading a crisis communications effort to discredit pipeline protesters. DeSmogBlog

While other states go along, NY says no to gas pipelines.

State pleases opponents by denying approval, but developer takes case to court. Chesapeake Bay Journal, Pennsylvania

How Ontario is getting back into the coal-power business.

Ontario taxpayers will soon be part-owners of one of the biggest coal-fired power plants in America west of the Mississippi River, making money off pollution in the U.S. Northwest that would be illegal to emit at home. The National Post, Canada

More Politics News

Our Paris carbon budget may be 40% smaller than thought.

A new study published in Nature Climate Change notes that the agreement didn’t define when “pre-industrial” begins. The Guardian

Scaramucci once accepted warming. Now he's a 'subordinate.'

President Trump's new messaging tactician, Anthony Scaramucci, has said he's "really not an ideological guy." That appears to be the case on climate change, about which he's expressed sharply shifting views in short periods of time. ClimateWire

From the Daily Climate Newsroom

Walking the Line: A two-week journey on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Zoe Krylova

Opponents walk the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline path through five Virginia counties to celebrate what’s at risk. Daily Climate

A kinda, sorta environmental summer reading list.

Are books still a thing? Yup. Our staff’s summer picks. Environmental Health News

Climate Characters: Evangelical communicates science without evangelizing.


Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe works mostly with a referent group that she’s belonged to her entire life: evangelical Christians. “The last thing we should be trying to do is instill new values in people." Daily Climate

Intense storms may diminish protective ozone in Central US.


Stronger storms over the Great Plains—likely induced by climate change—may be chipping away at the key life-protecting layer of our atmosphere. Daily Climate