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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Kamala Harris climate policy
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Sagarmatha microbes may survive harsh conditions for decades

Researchers have found microbes on Mount Everest that can survive harsh winds and conditions at some of the world’s highest elevations. The research comes at a time when scientists say melting glaciers and permafrost could reawaken viruses and bacteria as the climate warms.

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As Himalayas thaw, snow leopards scramble for habitat: Q&A with Bikram Shrestha

Snow leopards face a severe prospect of both a shrinking range and fragmented populations as climate change makes their Himalayan homeland less hospitable.

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Image by RachH from Pixabay

Ahead of polls, Nepal’s political parties, voters take heed of climate impacts

Both the ruling party and the main opposition in Nepal have for the first time addressed climate change and the related issues of climate change, environment and disaster management in their campaign platforms.

Kathmandu braces for winter's deadly air pollution

Another winter of discontent as Kathmandu braces for deadly air pollution

As winter sets in, residents of Kathmandu are bracing for worsening air pollution levels that can exceed by a hundredfold the safe limit prescribed by the WHO.