The climate crisis is very different from an errant asteroid. Stopping it demands far more than listening to scientists and trusting their technical solutions.

The worlds of high finance and climate change might appear to have nothing in common, but if they had a social media status, then it would probably be “it’s complicated”.

Gas extracted from Manx waters could work alongside renewables to phase out coal, a local firm says.
The EPA announced a raft of targeted actions and specific reforms including stepped-up air monitoring and scrutiny of industrial polluters in the wake of ProPublica’s investigation into toxic hot spots.
GM is betting big on Michigan as part of its EV future from new factory, plant conversions and new supply chain. Here's why and who wins.

With over 80 percent of the world’s population experiencing extreme weather linked to climate change, university endowments have become a focal point for students, faculty, and community members eager to snuff out their schools’ support for the fossil fuel companies most responsible for fueling the climate crisis.

The U.K. capital needs to bring driving levels down to hit climate and pollution goals — and save its struggling public transit system. A new kind of road user fee could help. 
The automaker will build a battery plant and overhaul an existing factory to produce electric pickup trucks, creating 4,000 jobs.
The four-year air pollution study, which followed 68.5 million older Americans, was the first of its kind.
Russia’s natural gas supply represents the one weapon Putin can use to crack the NATO coalition on Ukraine, which would simultaneously undercut Europe’s climate goals.
Sylvera has raised $32.6 million of venture funding to grade forestry projects by how effectively they keep carbon out of the atmosphere; it faces competition.
The Detroit auto maker doubles down on electric-truck production and plans an battery-cell factory with LG Energy Solution, creating 4,000 new jobs in the Great Lakes state.
Bugs have long been consumed in Japan, but now the market is growing. Insect vendors say this is because of the numerous nutritional and environmental benefits of this form of protein.
Or do visions of ‘clean’ robots supplying mobile freedom steer us down the wrong road?
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