By some accounts, Pennsylvania has the worst accumulation of old, unplugged, ownerless oil and gas wells in the nation.

Some union workers aren't on board with a transition to cleaner energy: "I know how to weld. I know how to build power plants."
Hazards from abandoned wells and coal mines plague Appalachia. Cleaning them up could be an economic boon for the region.
The testimony will occur as President Joe Biden hosts a climate change summit with 40 world leaders.
Despite deep skepticism from union allies, Democrats are determined to make their “Just Transition” away from fossil fuels work.
Louisiana’s wetlands are being lost to sea level rise, leaving eerie "ghost forests." Where does ecotourism fit into the recovery plan?
A new ALEC working group is promoting long-shot tactics like nullification and a constitutional convention.
The cleaned bottles are recovered from friends and family and “a little bit of dumpster diving in Midtown Manhattan.”
Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John F. Kerry just traveled to Shanghai to push for more ambitious action ahead of upcoming summits.
Understanding the climate crisis is tough. Let these audio storytellers help you understand the problems, and potential solutions.
The future could be bad, or it could be better. You can help decide.
The Federal Reserve is proudly politically independent. That makes key discussions around climate change and racial inequity a balancing act.
The proposal, billed as the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act, offers a clear policy marker for liberals as Democrats seek to influence President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan.
For the first time in a decade, the grid operator for much of the central United States has put forward a long-range transmission road map calling for tens of billions of dollars in new projects to help states and utilities across the region boost renewables and reach their climate goals.

U.S.-based multinational chemical company Chemours says it will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years on a path to effectively eliminating all emissions by mid-century.

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the U.S. back into the Paris climate accords on Sunday, saying President Biden was "100% right" to rejoin the agreement and seek further cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Israel will look to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 80% by 2050 as part of its long-term plan to reduce pollution, the Energy Ministry says,

The French National Assembly has approved the creation of an "ecocide" offense as part of a battery of measures aimed at protecting the environment and tackling climate change.

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