The Texas coast may have better winds for offshore wind development, but it’s Louisiana’s political winds that are drawing the interest of the industry’s two biggest players.
Decades-old laws that protect car dealers are keeping the U.S. stuck in the gas-powered past.

Urban renewal plans see mature trees of great environmental import cut down across Israel, and activists warn of long-term damage

We are in the middle of not one, but two pandemics. The less obvious one is climate change. Even the Pentagon regards it as a threat to our national security.

They say the technology poses an “unacceptable risk.”

Ammonia has been widely used as a fertilizer for the last century. Now, using renewable energy and a new method for making ammonia, researchers and entrepreneurs believe "green" ammonia can become a significant clean fuel source.

The vast majority of the emissions Exxon is responsible for aren’t included.
"It’s clear to me that we’re going to have to probably break it up," Biden said at a press conference from the White House.
From Walmart to Ikea, a report finds that the rooftops of big-box stores offer enough solar potential to power the equivalent of 8 million American homes.
From Mexico to Greece, plant-centric hotels, restaurants and tours are proliferating.

As the Maryland General Assembly settles into its regular 90-day session, environmental leaders in both chambers are expected to reveal legislative proposals aimed at tackling climate change soon.

A coalition of environmentalists has gone to court in hopes of forcing Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration to take more action to reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate change in New Jersey, alleging the state is not following Murphy’s own policies.

The biggest North Sea fossil-fuel producers are set to invest more in the region’s wind power in the coming years than in its oil and gas.

America’s largest oil firm claims its history of publicly denying the climate crisis is protected by the first amendment.

Rep. Melanie Ann Stansbury (D-N.M.) is a freshman lawmaker to watch on climate.
The question for the PR and ad business is whether a coalition of academics and advocates can get them to cut their ties with fossil fuel companies.
China has provided scant evidence to back grand promises of sustainability, at odds with the country’s severe environmental challenges.
One lesson: Renewable technology benefits from early, consistent government support.
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