Elon Musk has a chance to create the world's first “circular car.”

With a boom in wind power and a drop in carbon-dioxide emissions, the U.K. has found success in clean energy.

Ridership has tanked. How to get it back rather than underuse billions in infrastructure.

Transport manufacturer Alstom and energy infrastructure firm Snam are to collaborate on the development of hydrogen trains in Italy, the latest example of work being undertaken to integrate the technology into mass-transit systems.

The facility would turn ethane from fracking into more than a million tons of plastic pellets a year.
Budgets are about to get tight. States and cities should direct money to programs that truly make communities more secure.

Draft controls on methane emissions from oil and gas drilling operations are a big part of Gov. Wolf's climate change initiative.

In her new book, climate activist Jamie Margolin shares how to find your voice — and use it.
The furniture giant is trying to remake its own operations to encourage durability, repairability, and resale of used furniture. And now it wants to help other furniture companies do the same.
The wind power industry sees an opportunity in allowing windmills to be pushed into deeper water.
There are lessons to be learned — and some benefits already — but it’s complicated. (Of course!)
GMP says the program will save customers money by allowing the utility to draw on the stored power during peak demand.
Carbon dioxide emissions from new cars in Europe increased for a second consecutive year in 2018, according to data published by the European Union's environment agency on Wednesday, putting carmakers on a collision course with the bloc's climate goals.
It’s impossible to live sustainably without tackling inequality, activists say.

A settlement with state-run oil firm Petrobras allows states to partially compensate for weakening environmental protections under President Bolsonaro.

There are improvements that could be done at the office that will not only reduce energy use and CO2 emissions, but improve the health and well-being of workers. Environmentalists reveal the most prominent solutions.
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