A new paper suggests six different approaches for the difficult final steps necessary to get to a 100% carbon-free grid—and each has its pros and cons.

Automakers from BMW to Ford to GM to Honda have all expressed interest in solid state batteries, which could lead to more practical EVs.

The Victorian government has promised to set the most ambitious renewable energy-storage targets in Australia, saying it would be capable of powering about half of the state’s current homes at their peak energy use.

Foodscaper Matt Lebon runs an edible landscaping business where he introduces the community to the many benefits of growing native plants in your backyard. In the face of climate change, he believes that understanding biodiversity is the key to resilience.

Oil and gas companies are asking New York to connect large volumes of offshore wind to the grid at a gas plant, underscoring a national push to transform old fossil fuel sites for renewable energy projects.

A South London couple have discovered a natural way to keep their home warm - by keeping it covered with a climbing plant.

This revelation is critical for determining when mangrove stands, which are good at carbon sequestration and may aid in the fight against climate change, are most likely to grow.
West Virginia lawmakers went around their own utility regulators, in an effort to make a deal for a green power plant in Jackson County.
Electric air taxis are getting more attention as cutting emissions becomes a global priority. And the aviation industry says they could be ready for takeoff sooner than you think.
Too much noise is not only annoying for us on land but also to animals underwater. Worse, too much noise can kill them. Three solutions for making the oceans quieter and why less noise is good for the climate.
A coastal B.C. First Nation dispossessed from its land for decades by colonialism is part of a groundswell of Indigenous nations declaring protected areas based on their own sovereignty — and they’re not waiting around for colonial governments
Together, a number of programs could give drivers thousands of dollars in incentives toward an electric vehicle — but not everyone can stack those perks.
A study group drawn from a number of private financial institutions on Monday laid out guidelines for financing low-carbon technologies and energy transition projects in Asia to help combat climate change.

California regulators voted unanimously last week to develop new rules that would effectively ban the sale of natural gas-powered heating and hot water systems, a first-in-the-nation commitment.

As world leaders gathered in New York City last week for the 77th U.N. General Assembly, another international conference focused on a global transition to clean, renewable energy took place in what has been the epicenter of the American steel industry.

But many analysts and environmentalists remain deeply skeptical, maintaining that capturing carbon emissions as a climate change fix is at best a sideshow.

An effort that began 70 years ago is poised to propel the country to middle-income status on a wave of green energy.

From chemical recycling to plant-based alternatives, scientists size up the most promising solutions to plastic pollution.

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