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Climate change and human activity are harming Antarctica and threatening wildlife from humpback whales to microscopic algae, more than 280 scientists and conservation experts say in urging protections for the icy region.
Professional sport has enormous power to influence positive change. So ahead of this weekend's grand finals, let's examine the carbon emissions of our major men's football leagues.
Tickets were three bucks. Joni brought her new boyfriend. And a movement was born.

When Gordon Dalzell learned the Irving Oil refinery's air quality permit was up for review, he got to work.

From coral farming to 3D printing, scientists are using novel methods to save a vital part of our ecosystem.

When Donnel Baird was in his twenties, he had twin passions, and he didn't want to choose between them. "I vowed that I was going to try to combine my passion for Black civil rights with trying to do something about climate change," he says.

Gorongosa National Park is reforesting itself with the help of shade-grown coffee and other agroforestry crops.

B.C. First Nations voluntarily closed their food fishery or limited the catch for two decades to help rebuild salmon populations. This year, those sacrifices are paying off

Serious geotechnical issues and the project's escalating cost make the dam uneconomical, according to two new reports that call for the newly elected government to cancel it immediately.

"They always have the advantage of having information that we don't have access to." Now that will change.
A new scenario from the International Energy Agency that tries to foresee a world in which we reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is a step in the right direction.

Peat accounts for about 3% of the world's land surface, but globally, peatlands store more carbon than all other terrestrial vegetation combined.

Russia is home to world's largest forest area but logging and climate change are causing woodland to disappear at a rapid pace. Activist Marianna Muntianu is fighting back by with trees and mobile technology.

Leaving out the two accessories also allows Apple to offers the new iPhones in a much smaller and lighter packaging.

A Scottish construction yard has produced the main hull of what will become the world’s most powerful and technologically advanced tidal turbine, despite the challenges of lockdown.
Improving batteries has always been hampered by slow experimentation and discovery processes. Machine learning is speeding it up by orders of magnitude.
Transportation Secretary-designee Craig Thompson said the signs are meant for both electric vehicle drivers and those who might consider buying one but worry about a lack of fueling stations.
People have strong opinions about any new bike lanes in Pittsburgh. But there’s a new piece of bike infrastructure coming to the city, called the Neighborway, that seems like it will be an easier sell.
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