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After years of trying to get the province to protect an important salmon watershed, one northwest B.C. First Nation is taking matters into its own hands.

I hope like me you're counting the hours till this Thursday, April 22, the 52nd observance of Earth Day.

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A new study finds deciduous trees are increasingly dominant after severe fires in the region, and that has some unexpected impacts.
A regional think tank says damaged mine lands and leaking gas wells that threaten public health and safety could become job generators.
A new law could soon see toxic chemicals, including harmful plastics, undergo more rigorous assessments aimed at better protecting vulnerable Canadians, the Trudeau government has announced.

To prevent pipes from freezing, set the thermostat in your house no lower than 55°F, an article tells me.

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In a region long reliant on oil and gas, a new fuel source is gaining traction, including with the Mayor of Edmonton, who says his city is ‘prepared to bend over backwards’ to bring clean hydrogen to fruition

Williams discusses a just energy transition, the role of finance in driving change, and the importance of ocean protection.

In a ruling that could strengthen Indigenous land rights claims across Brazil, the nation’s Supreme Court has sided with the Guarani Kaiowá, allowing the possible reopening of a case involving their territory claim.

JPMorgan Chase has agreed to expand its policies addressing deforestation after pressure from shareholders, led by the investment group Green Century Capital Management.

A proposed biomass power plant, long the subject of controversy and opposition, had its air quality permit revoked by the state DEP.

Virginia Wasserberg is a lifelong Republican, a deeply conservative home-schooling mom from Southeast Virginia.

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Two big South Korean electric vehicle battery makers said Sunday they have settled a long-running trade dispute that will allow one company to move ahead with plans to manufacture batteries in Georgia.

Experts say China's ban forced Maine and the country to confront 'flaws' in its waste system, and advocates hope greater awareness and pending state and federal legislation will kick-start more recycling.
Lawmakers are reviewing the net energy billing policy, hoping to find the sweet spot that both encourages renewable energy and offers the greatest benefit to electricity customers.
From a Stockholm safe house, the teen-age activist discusses her disappointment in Biden and Merkel, her new documentary, “A Year to Change the World,” and “Rickrolling” her Twitter followers and pranking her parents for April Fool’s Day.

Audubon administers portions of national conservation grants benefiting bees and butterflies.

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