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The French government announced a €2 billion plan to expand cycling infrastructure as part of a broader effort to encourage people to ditch their cars.
Gaining access to 12,000 Tesla Superchargers will more than double the size of the fast-charging network available to Ford electric vehicles.
Ocean creatures soak up huge amounts of humanity’s carbon mess. Should we value them like financial assets?
House Democrats who backed the resolution to undo the moratorium called on lawmakers to vote to override the veto shortly thereafter.
A group of scholars introduced an international panel to study the digital information landscape, inspired by those who had been warning of the effect of global warming.
Niksen – a Dutch wellness trend that means "doing nothing" – has caught the attention of the world as a way to manage stress or recover from burnout.
Behind its rural facade, La Almunia de Doña Godina is doing its part to use technology to address climate change.
The religiously unaffiliated are embracing nature-focused spirituality, while traditional faith groups are showing greater interest in the environment.

It wasn’t until Government Maternity installed rooftop solar a year ago that it could depend on constant electricity that keeps the lights on, patients and staff comfortable and vaccines and medicines safely refrigerated. Now it's one of more than 250 hospitals or clinics that is relying on the technology to ensure modern health care in remote and rural communities.

For those seeking to live in the most sustainable way, there now is an afterlife too.

Draft federal regulations for toxic coal ash byproducts could cover nearly 50 exempted dumps spread across 14 locations in Indiana.
We’re headed for a world where buying second-hand may become nearly as easy, even preferable, as buying new for many goods.

Exclusive: Fossil fuel companies register drop in value after litigation or unfavourable judgments.

When the reservoir dropped to its lowest level since it was filled, an expedition through once-submerged branches of Glen Canyon found both warning signs and beauty that had been underwater for more than half a century.

Varo Energy, a Swiss provider of gasoline and diesel, is charting a path to lower carbon energy by relying on farm waste and used cooking oil.

Polymateria CEO Niall Dunne discusses the technology surrounding biodegradable plastics, and how Polymateria's recycling process could see applications in everyday household items.

When species disappear, so do their sounds. But scientists are exploring new techniques to use recordings of these very sounds to bring nature back
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