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Carmakers may need several years to revamp their supply chains to meet new rules, but the legislation is still seen as a win for electric vehicles.
To circumvent legal objections, the new law will provide aid to farmers who have faced discrimination, regardless of their race.
A $160 million promise to connect a Queensland wind farm to the national power grid means the future of power will be cleaner and cheaper, according to conservationists.

Ex-US vice-president says with $370bn package of clean energy spending ‘we have changed history and will never go backwards.’

Money in the Inflation Reduction Act would make it cheaper for Americans to curb their own climate-warming emissions.

After decades of inaction in the face of escalating natural disasters and sustained global warming , Congress hopes to make clean energy so cheap in all aspects of life that it’s nearly irresistible.
A bipartisan act is quietly about to invest billions in boosting green technology.

An intact ecosystem in the upper Skeena River watershed is now an Indigenous Protected Area. All decisions about the area will be guided by a principle of respectfully passing the abundance of the territory from one generation to the next.

In the Delaware River and other waterways and estuaries across the United States, scientists and conservationists are restoring aquatic vegetation and beds of mussels and oysters to fight pollution and create a strong foundation for healthy ecosystems.
Two facilities that convert waste to renewable energy in Fairfax County and Alexandria, Virginia, have received environmental upgrades that are helping cut emissions.

The Democrats’ climate bill would erase former President Donald Trump’s 10-year moratorium on offshore wind in the U.S. Southeast, but few experts are betting on a regionwide surge in projects.

The National Electric Vehicle Initiative will spend $5 billion to establish a network of fast charging stations across the country.

‘Red tides’ are an annual hazard in Florida and other coastal areas but a monitoring project can help limit harm to humans.

In the tradition of wine and ale trails, the state’s oyster trail aims to give the farmed shellfish industry a needed boost.

A B.C. environmental group that tested a provincial law intended to protect freedom of speech and prevent frivolous lawsuits from bogging down the courts has won.

Scientists are driving around in a specialized observatory to better understand how urban heat varies not only block to block, but door to door.
On climate, Biden got almost everything he wanted.
Four million sockeye, twice the average for the last decade, are expected this year.
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