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Many of the world’s most inspiring solutions have been created by scientists who stole their ideas from the natural world.

The fuel can be produced by adding bacteria to spent drill holes—meaning there are thousands of potential hydrogen sources worldwide.
Growing sales of an Indonesian nut called kenari is helping to reduce deforestation.

In 2020, I unintentionally started a tradition of celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday by thanking American environmental journalists and fellow travelers who deserve to be thanked.

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Rab reveals new product labels to fight greenwashing, challenges other outdoor companies to follow suit.

A new water line will deliver something that residents of a rural Pennsylvania community have gone without for the last 14 years — a clean, reliable supply of drinking water.

The federal government will next July impose its fuel charge — commonly called the carbon tax — on consumers in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The rush to beat heat waves and cold snaps during extreme weather drives demand for solar, electric options.

As cities around the world look to rid their waterways of remaining pollution, researchers are installing artificial islands brimming with grasses and sedges. The islands’ surfaces attract wildlife, while the underwater plant roots absorb contaminants and support aquatic life.
When Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva takes office at the start of 2023 as president of Brazil, his third term in the post, he faces the difficult task of making good on his promises to restore environmental protection and root out criminal elements from the Amazon. A new report, titled “Govern to not surrender,” offers […]
The sprawling mass of suburbia has been a disaster for the environment. But now smaller, denser cities herald a renaissance in city living.
Many countries are looking to floating solar power to save valuable space. The Netherlands is taking this one step further, with water-based arrays that follow the Sun.
Ollie Perrault wants you to care about agriculture’s sizable contribution to climate change, as well as potential solutions to save the planet.
Environmental groups are increasingly using apps and technology to collect data on and engage the public with environmental issues.
Plug Power’s long-time CEO is repositioning the fuel cell maker to be a producer of hydrogen fuel made from water and renewable power to cut climate-warming industrial carbon pollution from the steel, oil and agricultural industries.
The resumption in climate talks this week is a welcome sign for those serious about preventing climate catastrophe.
British startup Shellworks is fed up with waste, so it created a vegan material that can be turned into fertilizer.
New landfill regulations tighten requirements for Virginia sites, but some critics stay the rules lack groundwater protections for rural areas.
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