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When Patti Poppe took the reins of PG&E Corp. in January, she assumed a sobering double challenge: rehabilitating one of the most criminally convicted companies in U.S. history while confronting climate change.

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize, which honors one grassroots activist from each of the six inhabited continents.

Limestone, the raw material for many iconic monuments and cultural treasures, is facing damage through climate change and air pollution. 

Responding to Nashville's frequent high humidity and prolonged stretches of 90-plus degree weather, a local nonprofit has initiated a Metro-supported study into heat mitigation strategies.

As demand for electric cars grows, giant battery factories are being built across Europe.

Researchers see in the abundance, condition and diversity of plankton recently sampled off the West Coast signs of a change for the better in ocean conditions.

The 812,000-square-foot building will be the largest ever to get Passive House certification, meaning it meets strict requirements for how much energy it uses.
Christopher James, who once owned a coal mine, was an improbable activist for change at the oil giant. But he was able to convince Wall Street’s biggest money managers to back his thesis.
The country sees a shift toward hydrogen fuel as a vital piece of its plan to eliminate carbon emissions. If it succeeds, that could lay the groundwork for a new global supply chain.

Major steelmakers and disruptive start-ups look to hydrogen and renewable electricity to make green steel.

From Ireland to Israel, companies are coming to the aid of the environmentally critical insect.
A new low emission zone would see drivers fined if they breached the scheme aimed at tackling air pollution.
A major new report calls on humanity to tackle the biodiversity and climate crises simultaneously. Here's what that might look like.
Instead of trekking on foot, a Duke University team used drones to count large seabird colonies on a small island chain off the Falkland Islands.
Snowflake-2 science research station will be a five-domes construction to house year-round environmental monitoring and education.
BC defers logging of southern Vancouver Island old growth after months of protests and blockades.
Indigenous-managed landscapes retain higher biodiversity than surrounding areas a century after the people who kept them were displaced.
Indigenous groups are demanding that the Line 3 pipeline go the way of the Keystone XL.
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