The year 2008 seems like a very long time ago.

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As communities around the country decimated by fires and floods also face rebuilding, and a country stalled by a pandemic reimagines life after a vaccine, the city on the prairie offers some lessons in green living.

Kristen Welker's question about the unequal burden of pollution was the first ever in a presidential debate history.

Biden’s occasionally muddled message on fracking, combined with Trump’s relentless attacks, has created suspicion of the former vice president.

Official estimates of the impact of any rupture of the Mariner East pipelines will remain under wraps following an appeals court ruling that rejected a disclosure request by a longtime anti-pipeline campaigner.

A controversial natural gas well at a US Steel Plant near Pittsburgh suffered a setback Thursday night.

A constellation of grassroots progressive organizations in the Lehigh Valley is hoping to fill the gap left by the Democratic Party.
A managing partner at the controversial mine’s lobbying firm sits on the board of the Alaska senator’s family company.
The former vice president said he would stop giving the industry federal subsidies, to the consternation of President Donald Trump and his supporters.
Trump's obsession with this idea smacks of desperation.
By narrowing or repealing federal rules, the Trump administration has prioritized big business and reduced pollution protection for waterways.
Two-wheeled vehicles surged during lockdown on streets around the world. So have worries about noise, air pollution and safety. 

The Hummer is back, but it's battery-powered now and has morphed from its militarized precursor into an ultraluxury pickup that General Motors is betting will resonate with traditional truck buyers.

The Democratic nominee's platform calls on the United States to set aside 30 percent of its land and water for conservation by the end of the decade.

Voters favored candidates who would support changing mining laws and regulations to improve environmental protection and mandate consent from First Nations.

As industrial projects in the province push ahead, four young climate leaders say politicians need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in clean energy.

New analysis calls out rosy job projections for industry ‘misleading’ and unrealistic.

At just 25 years old, Camila Chindoy is seen by many in her community as a possible future governor of the Inga Indigenous reserve of Yunguillo in the Colombian Amazon.

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