The year 2008 seems like a very long time ago.

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A Nottinghamshire power station is put forward as a possible site for a prototype reactor.
We shouldn’t give up on the idea of democratizing energy ownership as much as possible.

Matheus Sborgia, a Brazilian chef, decided to bet on regenerative agriculture after inheriting his grandfather's cattle ranch in the heart of the Cerrado.

The illegal sale of protected land in the Brazilian Amazon has been going on for years, but a new BBC report got deeply inside the criminal network and found some land grabbers advertising on Facebook.
The continent is crammed with “ghost” stations—just one sign of how this empty, icy place is becoming more crowded.

Chief Sharleen Gale says a report detailing environmental and economic concerns over a proposal to build B.C.'s biggest pellet plant failed to take into account her nation's land stewardship and autonomy.

Dr. John O’Connor faced years of backlash after raising concerns in 2006 about unusually-high numbers of cancer cases in communities downstream of the oilsands. Now, he has been awarded the first-ever Peter Bryce Prize for whistleblowing from Ryerson University's Centre for Free Expression.

The mural was targeted the day after it was completed by Dublin street artist Emmalene Blake on the side of a building on Chancery Street.

Senior House Energy and Commerce Democrats unveiled a template of their plan to combat climate change this Congress that would take a sector-by-sector approach to eliminate carbon dioxide and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Energy and Commerce Committee Democrats yesterday rolled out an enhanced version of their climate bill, an ambitious effort to overhaul the power sector and decarbonize the economy.

President Biden is vowing a whole-of-government approach that weaves climate deeply into White House decision-making and the work of many agencies.

On the first day of his presidency, Joe Biden issued an executive order canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, making good on his promise to the climate activists who helped get him elected. During a January 22 call to celebrate Biden's presidential victory, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voiced Canada's "disappointment" with Biden's decision.

This is part 3 of our 4-part series, "Fractured," an investigation of fracking chemicals in the air, water, and people of western Pennsylvania.

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The American Petroleum Institute, the top lobbying group for the oil and gas industry, is moving toward endorsing a carbon tax. But analysts debate whether API sees it as a way to undercut other policies or as a step forward on climate change.
Lobbyists claim the timber industry is "up against the ropes." Here's what they're not saying: Lumber prices are at record highs.
The U.S. must more than double the production of seedlings to meet reforestation goals, researchers say.
Seville’s oranges are too bitter to eat fresh, but they’re a famous ingredient in marmalade—and, now, in the city’s electrical grid.
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