His presence presented a symbolic split screen: Global climate talks in one frame, Putin’s oil negotiations in the other.
A study released on the eve of the conference found that 8 million people around the world die annually from air pollution. And experts say the crisis is worsening.
In the 2010s, China rolled out a rapid and widespread electric bus network. Today, China's electric buses are influencing not just the country's EV uptake, but the world's.

Traditionally unpopular carbon taxes could be achieved with regulatory compliance, IMF head tells Cop 28.

Local environmental groups PennEnvironment and Three Rivers Waterkeeper filed a federal lawsuit against BVPV Styrenics for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act — a charge the company continues to dispute.

A judge reversed a 2022 decision by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that involved its controversial “one-mile rule” to deny hearing requests.
House Republicans have approved a bill to block strict new tailpipe pollution limits proposed by the Biden administration, calling the plan a back-door mandate for electric vehicles.

The high-profile congressional delegation scheduled to attend the United Nations climate summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, later this week will no longer be led by House Energy and Commerce Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Oil industry allies in California are filling television and computer screens statewide with a multimillion-dollar ad campaign that blames state climate policies for pushing up gasoline and electricity costs.

A taxpayer-funded drive for ‘blue’ hydrogen is good news for fossil-fuel lobbyists, but bad news for the climate crisis.

A green trade row is spilling into the COP talks in Dubai, and Brazil has China’s support.
Confused about the term COP delegates keep throwing around? We’ve got you covered. Hint: It’s critical to the future of humanity.

Many in the global movement are divided on whether or how to take a stand on the conflict.

The UN climate summit is the one place the countries suffering most from climate change can face down the countries causing it.
Over 2,400 participants are linked to coal, oil and gas, four times more than attended last year's gathering.

‘We need you,’ says Scientist Rebellion, which includes authors of IPCC reports on climate breakdown, as diplomats meet for Cop28.

The sluggish rollout could undermine President Joe Biden’s reelection messaging promoting electric vehicles.
High interest rates make green start-up costs soar. Officials at the U.N. climate summit fear the world could miss an opportunity to avert future greenhouse gas emissions.
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