Changes in the banking sector over the past half-century have produced dramatic consolidation, making a handful of big banks outsize financial engines in the fossil fuel industry.

Incinerators, plastics companies and big agriculture race to position as climate-friendly as billions in federal subsidies flow.

Three more insurance companies including Tokio Marine have left a United Nations-backed net-zero climate alliance, leaving the group with about half the number of members it counted two months ago as insurers take fright at U.S. political pressure.
The largest insurer in California said it would stop offering new coverage. It’s part of a broader trend of companies pulling back from dangerous areas.

The rising incidence of wildfires means many Californians can no longer insure their property. It’s a sign of what’s ahead for the whole housing market, writes Arwa Mahdawi.

In its most recent legislative session, the state leapfrogged Illinois to become the regional front-runner in equitable clean energy transition efforts.

A Montana judge has rejected one plank of a youth-led lawsuit that challenges the state’s climate record but denied the state’s effort to torpedo what next month will become the first climate lawsuit in the U.S. to go to trial.

A bill proposed in the Ohio General Assembly includes a provision that designates climate policy as a “controversial belief or policy” and says faculty must “encourage students to reach their own conclusions about all controversial beliefs or policies and shall not seek to inculcate any social, political, or religious point of view.”

The liberal justice criticized her conservative colleagues for refusing to let federal air and water laws "work as Congress instructed."
Climate activists are livid over a provision in the debt limit agreement that orders federal agencies to issue permits for the Mountain Valley Pipeline — and says courts can’t review them.

The contested Mountain Valley pipeline now has a clear path to completion, but its pending boost from Congress has sparked a new round of debate over President Joe Biden’s energy and climate agenda.

Brazil's president Lula said Belém will host Cop30 so that delegates from around the world can learn about the nearby Amazon rainforest.
Farmer Veronica Mazariegos-Anastassiou of Brisa Farms in Pescadero, California, has felt the impacts of wildfires, droughts, and floods over the last few years. But the small-scale organic farm has received no federal support to help it recover.
Our voices were crucial in persuading UN states to back legal obligations to act on climate change. Here’s how we did it.

The Cop28 president has been accused of attempting to greenwash his image after it was revealed that his team edited Wikipedia pages relating to his role as the CEO of an Abu Dhabi oil company.

The Biden administration is searching for ways to push the world’s largest polluter to reduce carbon emissions, as superpower rivalries engulf a fragile bilateral relationship that could determine the future of global warming.

Japan's fish catch in 2022 fell 7.5 percent from a year earlier to a record low 3.85 million tons, government data showed Tuesday, as global warming has continued to take its toll.

The “Fiscal Responsibility Act” would ensure approval of the Mountain Valley natural gas pipeline from West Virginia into Virginia. It also includes new timelines for environmental reviews and would expand a program to expedite infrastructure permitting.

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