Having a racist and violent police force in your neighborhood is a lot like having a pollution-emitting factory in your neighborhood.

Environmental racism and the vulnerabilities that link minority communities through the impacts of climate change, COVID-19 and state violence.

Critics say taxpayers are still not protected as the province readies for a fracking boom to supply the LNG Canada project.

Residents say their lives and livelihoods are at risk from a proposed expansion of India's Kattupalli Port.

Passenger jets and cruise ships normally gather key weather data. But full docks and empty skies make it hard to predict the details of incoming storms.

Traditional people say Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN) has given back little while doing great harm.

Scientists, agricultural officers and farmers are struggling to protect crops from a fresh wave of desert locusts.

With a boom in wind power and a drop in carbon-dioxide emissions, the U.K. has found success in clean energy.

The federal government would like companies to incentivize driving to work - preferably alone. The guidelines counter what scads of public health and environmental programs have pushed for decades.

Ridership has tanked. How to get it back rather than underuse billions in infrastructure.

Large territories of rivers, streams and tundra lands are covered by more than 20 thousands tons of diesel oil from a reservoir owned by company Nornickel.

Budgets are about to get tight. States and cities should direct money to programs that truly make communities more secure.
The landmark Supreme Court ruling held that greenhouse gases were pollutants that could be regulated by the executive branch. Could it soon be reversed?

The US is far behind other industrialized nations on environmental performance and now ranks 24th in the world, according to a new analysis by Yale and Columbia universities.

The Democratic National Committee Climate Council - which formed to push the party on climate issues - released a set of policy recommendations calling for a greater investment than presumptive nominee Joe Biden's plan.

New Jersey has become the first state in the nation to add climate change education to its learning standards for kindergarten through high school.

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