The year 2008 seems like a very long time ago.

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As each hellish new natural disaster is matched by an equally hellish political stalemate on climate legislation, a growing segment of the American population is thinking: What can I personally do to get some climate action going here?

A panel of judges appeared skeptical yesterday of giving federal courts exclusive rights to hear climate change cases against fossil fuel firms.

Pramila Jayapal has said some goals of the Build Back Better bill, such as drug pricing and climate change, could be achieved through executive action.

The worlds of high finance and climate change might appear to have nothing in common, but if they had a social media status, then it would probably be “it’s complicated”.

Gas extracted from Manx waters could work alongside renewables to phase out coal, a local firm says.
The EPA announced a raft of targeted actions and specific reforms including stepped-up air monitoring and scrutiny of industrial polluters in the wake of ProPublica’s investigation into toxic hot spots.
As the arctic warms four times faster than the global average, Europe’s only indigenous population is under threat

Attorneys for BP, Exxon and Shell claim city of Baltimore’s case over ‘deception and failure to warn’ could kill offshore drilling.

In the Marines, I lived by the credo "leave no one behind." Now that I am in civilian life, I am urging our policymakers not to leave any of us behind.

With over 80 percent of the world’s population experiencing extreme weather linked to climate change, university endowments have become a focal point for students, faculty, and community members eager to snuff out their schools’ support for the fossil fuel companies most responsible for fueling the climate crisis.

Fast food companies have made big promises on animal welfare in recent years. But this week, animal welfare organizations released two different reports that call out those companies and other restaurant chains for falling short on their promises.

The U.K. capital needs to bring driving levels down to hit climate and pollution goals — and save its struggling public transit system. A new kind of road user fee could help. 
The automaker will build a battery plant and overhaul an existing factory to produce electric pickup trucks, creating 4,000 jobs.
The four-year air pollution study, which followed 68.5 million older Americans, was the first of its kind.
The Supreme Court ​​​​​​said yesterday that it would hear a challenge to the scope of the Clean Water Act, sparking concern from environmentalists.
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