Biden adds 6 policy experts to his climate team

President-elect Joe Biden is rounding out his White House climate team with policy hands who've spent the Trump era defending climate regulations, engineering new policy and campaigning on the issue.

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Colorado: Polis climate plan offers more details, but critics want more on environmental justice

The plan includes the start of an “equity framework,” but one activist says, “there could be more focus on frontline communities.”

ADSE's Young Researchers Conference 2021

The Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering (ADSE) is hosting its 9th Young Researcher Conference from January 28-30th, 2021. Read more about the conference and how to register here.

2020 rivals hottest year on record, pushing Earth closer to a critical climate threshold

Escalating temperatures poise the planet to breach 1.5 C for the first time, possibly later this decade.

What clean energy might look like in 2021

Despite the intense challenges of 2020, local leaders stepped up to demonstrate their commitment to fighting climate change last year - a movement that is set to flourish in 2021.

Will 2021 be the year for environmental justice legislation?

They want Trump's rollbacks rescinded and renewed emphasis on justice and equity via enforcement of federal law, from the Clean Air Act to FEMA recovery aid.

Pittsburgh: CCAC goes big on solar with planned 540-kilowatt panel installation

Pittsburgh, not exactly known for its sunshine, is swiftly becoming a city that embraces the myriad benefits of solar power.

Pennsylvania: Governor asked to intervene on Plum wastewater injection well

Groups have concerns about radioactivity in shale gas drilling wastewater leading to contamination drinking water supply in Pittsburgh.

Scientists solve desalination mystery, improving efficiency

Scientists believe they have solved one of the biggest mysteries about desalination — exactly how reverse osmosis membranes remove salt and other chemicals from water — a breakthrough that could help make the process more efficient and cheaper.

Forest defenders: A Panamanian tribe regains control of its land

The victory comes as mounting evidence shows that Indigenous groups are often the best protectors of their lands.

U.S. bans exports to China's state-owned oil company

U.S. companies will now have to apply for special permits to export goods to the state-owned company, known as CNOOC.

Biden set to restore Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante to pre-Trump size

Little on-the-ground damage to the Utah public lands has been seen since they were shrunk in 2017. But conservationists say the sooner they can be properly protected again, the better.

Greener air travel will depend on these emerging technologies

Electric engines, alternative fuels, and better navigation could reduce emissions—and mitigate the impacts of a global return to the skies.

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