To save water supply, Eastern Shore poultry farmers may get perks to switch aquifers

To save the Eastern Shore of Virginia’s limited drinking water, it’s time for chicken farms to tap into an alternative supply, officials say.

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A Syrian seed bank’s fight to survive

Scientists have raced to safeguard a newly precious resource: plants that can thrive in a changing climate.

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Microplastics may be cooling—and heating—Earth’s climate

Tiny bits of plastic are swirling in the sky, and a new model suggests they could be subtly affecting the climate.

Homeowners wait for long-promised state hurricane relief

Coastal residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed by hurricanes Matthew and Florence say they're frustrated with long delays, caseworker turnover and unfulfilled promises from Rebuild NC.

Salmon need trees

A study shows that watershed logging can be as bad for salmon numbers as increased predation in the ocean.

The key insight that defined 50 years of climate science

A climate scientist has won the Nobel Prize in Physics for the first time. It’s a reminder that the field, which emerged from the mid-20th century’s biggest questions, hasn’t always been fraught.

Report on Albertans' views of coal development in the Rockies delayed one month

"It was because of the overwhelming response and the need to accommodate that response with extra time that we had to approach the minister with the request for an extension," committee head Ron Wallace said in an interview Tuesday.

McKibben says losing climate piece in federal budget package would be ‘devastating’

The noted environmentalist and author from Vermont decries an attempt to block climate legislation, saying the United States needs to act now on climate to avoid disaster.

Microplastics making their way up to belugas in Arctic through prey, says new study

Almost 80 per cent of the particles found in the stomachs of fish studied come from textiles and clothing that are washed into waterways in the laundry process, the report said.

Beef industry falsely claims low cow carbon footprint

A new campaign asserts, incorrectly, that cows in the U.S. “may not be contributing much at all to global warming.”

Your green credentials may be linked to your genes, study says

Some people are more environmentally conscious than others, and scientists say the reason could be in their genes.

Yellen, regulators soon to 'set the agenda' on climate risk

The nation’s top financial regulators are preparing to release a report this week that chronicles both their early efforts to tackle climate change as well as their possible plans for the future.
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