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Meet B.C.'s new wildfire crew: cows

Ranchers and researchers have teamed up to use targeted grazing to reduce one source of forest fire fuel: grass.

In a first, Alaska’s Arctic waters appear poised for dangerous algal blooms

Climate change is bringing potentially deadly dinoflagellate blooms to the Far North, posing a new risk to food security.

Mental health and sustainable healthcare

Mental health has been on my mind lately, largely because and The Allegheny Front just published a large series looking at the impacts of air, water and climate pollution on our mental health.

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New sensors to monitor deadly pollution levels in London's poorest areas

Over the next three years, the Breathe London network will hand out 60 air quality sensors to communities impacted by pollution.

Nomads of the North

A writer and photographer shares an intimate portrait of the annual migration and uncertain future of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd.

Texas town again considering drilling next to a day care

Arlington’s experience shows how difficult it can be to stop greenhouse gas production – even when it’s putting children’s health at risk.

Why the luster on once-vaunted 'smart cities' is fading

“Smart cities” built from scratch have so far failed to live up to their much-hyped promise. Some critics argue that rather than grafting a new city onto the landscape, it is better to integrate high-tech for clean, efficient energy and transportation into existing cities.

Humans have broken a fundamental law of the ocean

The size of undersea creatures seemed to follow a strange but stable pattern—until industrial fishing came along.

California senator who helped kill environmental regulations runs oil and gas staffing firm

Will Democrats stop appointing legislators with fossil fuel investments to key committees in 2022?

U.S. is top contributor to plastic waste, report shows

Scientists reveal the U.S. role in the “deluge” of plastic littering the world’s oceans in a congressionally mandated report.
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