solar power schools

Solar power at Pennsylvania schools doubled during the pandemic

NORTH BRADDOCK, Penn.—On Wednesday evening, 10th grader Abby Wypych stood in front of Woodland Hills School District’s board and urged them to approve a feasibility study on installing solar panels.

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hurricanes climate impacts

For a 7th year, a busy hurricane season is expected

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects an “above normal” Atlantic hurricane season this year, the agency announced on Tuesday. If that plays out, it would make 2022 the seventh consecutive year with an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season.

Sunrise in the woods

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false banana climate crop

Ethiopia's ‘false banana’ could solve climate change induced food shortages: Study

A fruit often referred to as the "false banana", found in Africa, has the potential to solve food shortages that could be induced by climate change and drought, said a new study.

india heat wave justice climate

Chandni Singh: In India’s heat wave, air conditioning is the divider

In India, higher temperatures are coming earlier and staying longer every year. The most vulnerable are bearing the impacts of this prolonged heat now. Those who can cool will cool, those who can’t, cope.

colorado river drought water los alamos

Los Alamos team models drought, climate change on the Colorado River

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory modeled future drought indicators to gauge how climate change could impact the Colorado River Basin.

climate protest activism

Climate change: Radical activists benefit social movements – history shows why

Radical forms of protest have historically been deployed by social movements to cast a spotlight on desperate situations, when conventional legal and political responses have been deemed woefully inadequate.

stanford donations fossil fuels

A feud over fossil fuel money

Some faculty and students at Stanford want the university to reject industry donations. It’s the latest clash in a wider battle over whether to shun oil and gas money.
climate water insurance flooding

Households ‘may struggle to get insurance without climate change action’

Some households, such as those in flood-prone areas, could struggle to access affordable loans and insurance if there is an absence of action to tackle climate change, a Bank of England report has suggested.

military migration climate impacts parris island

Marine Corps considers abandoning Parris Island amid rising extreme weather threats

The Marine Corps is considering moving some of its bases to other locations, including the iconic Parris Island Training Depot, in response to the growing effects of climate change, Navy officials said.

pollution effects pandemic covid

Canadian study finds link between air pollution and COVID severity

An extensive study of thousands of COVID-19 patients in Ontario hospitals found links between the severity of their infections and the levels of common air pollutants they experience.
monarch butterflies mexico climate

Monarch butterflies bounce back in Mexico wintering grounds

Mexican experts have said that 35% more monarch butterflies arrived this year to spend the winter in mountaintop forests, compared with the previous season.

joe manchin politics davos

At Davos, Manchin offers insight into inflation, climate deal

Sen. Joe Manchin continues to envision legislation advancing this year to tackle inflation, drug pricing and climate change — but with an emphasis on fossil fuels.

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