Ironton, a small incorporated community in Louisiana, was devastated by Hurricane Ida. But the destruction was not inevitable. Founded by freed people who were previously enslaved, Ironton residents had to fight for running water, sewage – and levees.

Mariana Mazzucato, et al call for new thinking about an issue that lies behind all of the world’s biggest collective challenges.

This year’s U.N. climate conference, set to be held in Egypt, is being seen by negotiators and climate advocates in Africa as an opportunity to push the continent’s needs up to the top of the agenda.

But the coral are trapped in tanks, still waiting to be released on the reefs.
Isn’t it time for rich nations to pay the communities that they have helped to drown?
The precise size, strength and path of Ian remains uncertain. But the Tampa Bay region that lies in its crosshairs is one of the most vulnerable places in the United States to severe flooding.
The 2022 drought season showed claims of drought-resistant hemp were exaggerated. Farmers are now ditching the crop.
Locals knew what to do about the infrastructure problems that extreme weather revealed. Their hands were tied.

How a drought-stricken community in rural India became a “village of millionaires”.

The proposal for 12 movable sea barriers across waterways like Jamaica Bay replaces a disputed plan for a single, larger outer-harbor wall.
As Texas continues to battle drought, groups are trying a market-based solution to help farmers and protect what little water is left.
A coastal B.C. First Nation dispossessed from its land for decades by colonialism is part of a groundswell of Indigenous nations declaring protected areas based on their own sovereignty — and they’re not waiting around for colonial governments
Millions of people around the world suffered through long-lasting heat waves and deadly flash flooding in the summer of 2022. A climate scientist explains the rising risks.
Citing water quality concerns, the Environmental Protection Agency may refuse to recognize a permit that Texas approved Thursday for a marine desalination plant at the Port of Corpus Christi.
Meticulous turf is environmentally terrible. Yet grass does have one charm: It “sweats,” helping cool the local area.

Extreme rain, ice and heat could make the cost of maintaining transportation infrastructure skyrocket. To keep the price tag down, we should adapt now.

Rising sea levels are threatening ancient castles and forts at an accelerating rate, says English Heritage.

The U.N. food chief warned Thursday that the world is facing “a perfect storm on top of a perfect storm” and urged donors, particularly Gulf nations and billionaires, to give a few days of profits to tackle a crisis with the fertilizer supply right now and prevent widespread food shortages next year.

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