Residents say their lives and livelihoods are at risk from a proposed expansion of India's Kattupalli Port.

The once-common native guava species has nearly vanished — killed off by an invasive fungus that arrived just 10 years ago. Other species may soon follow.
Global warming will exacerbate the Israel-Palestine conflict. But the conflict will also exacerbate the effects of global warming.
The nearly two hundred “methods of nonviolent action” catalogued by Gene Sharp provide a playbook for resistance, should the President make himself a full-on tyrant.

A special livestream concert with the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn honors World Environment Day on June 5.

As the world warms due to climate change, winemakers are struggling to maintain the quality of their product.

GMP says the program will save customers money by allowing the utility to draw on the stored power during peak demand.

We've seen more extreme rainfall and flooding across North America, and we know climate change is making the air warmer and wetter.

Polluting and extractive facilities have been placed in black, brown, and indigenous communities around the world - and they are suffering the consequences.

A settlement with state-run oil firm Petrobras allows states to partially compensate for weakening environmental protections under President Bolsonaro.

From Guatemala to Oklahoma, communities are tackling multiple challenges by saving seeds of traditional agricultural crops.

When you're a member of the media you receive notice of a lot of "days"—Pancake day, National Lame Duck Day, Textiles Day. But today is World Bicycle Day, and that means something to me. And, if you care about the environment, it should to you as well.

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Meltwater from heavy snowpack combined with unseasonably warm temperatures caused Victoria Gold's Eagle Gold Mine to divert wastewater into a sump.

Climate change is forcing farmers to look for new land at higher elevations and higher latitudes, while scientists focus on climate-resistant coffee plants.

With nearly triple the usual number of wildfires this year, Washington and Oregon are set to have the worst summer fire forecasts in the nation.

A thousand feet above the winter landscape, a golden eagle is on the hunt.

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A billion-dollar program to protect cities from climate change is at risk of failing because the pandemic.

The Green New Deal has roots in Indigenous communities — and Julian Brave NoiseCat has been there since the beginning.

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