In order to maintain American's year-round demand for salad, more growers are looking into moving delicate crops like baby greens indoors.
Regulators have asked residents to start conserving energy after demand hit a June record just one week into the month.

When Patti Poppe took the reins of PG&E Corp. in January, she assumed a sobering double challenge: rehabilitating one of the most criminally convicted companies in U.S. history while confronting climate change.

If you try to think of somewhere calm and peaceful, you might conjure up an image of an idyllic sandy beach. But in South India, many of its much-loved beaches are anything but secure.
The unparalleled genetic diversity found at critical crops’ origin sites can help breeders create drought and heat-resilient varieties.
As the threat of wildfire looms, a debate has emerged in the state about the best way to plant trees.
There is no fire “season.” The massive blazes are a year-round phenomenon, and policies must adapt to this new reality.
Limestone, the raw material for many iconic monuments and cultural treasures, is facing damage through climate change and air pollution. 

High up in the Rocky Mountains, forests are burning more frequently than any time in the past 2,000 years. The overarching reason: climate change.

Responding to Nashville's frequent high humidity and prolonged stretches of 90-plus degree weather, a local nonprofit has initiated a Metro-supported study into heat mitigation strategies.

As demand for electric cars grows, giant battery factories are being built across Europe.
Ocean ecosystems will have difficulty retaining functional integrity throughout the climate crisis this century, and these ecosystems need the strongest protections we can provide.

Researchers see in the abundance, condition and diversity of plankton recently sampled off the West Coast signs of a change for the better in ocean conditions.

Lawmakers are poised to decide the fate of a massive project to protect the coast around Houston from rising sea levels.

Where the underground Amargosa bubbles to the surface, unique flora and fauna thrive. But now, hotter weather and depleted groundwater in Nevada and California threaten this rare ecosystem.

Planners are working to make the Florida town flood resilient while tending to relations with deep-pocketed homeowners.
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