Five Fremont County college students traveled to world’s highest peak to test climate sensors in partnership with historic all-Black expedition.
The Department of Human Services said 200 residential wells in southern Oregon have run dry and the number could double within the year
Across the continent, Indigenous peoples are methodically reasserting control over their land, laws, and how they live.
With prices for poultry and beef continuing to rise, the government should ease spending on meat and pay farmers to plant beans.
Millennials and Gen Z have grown up on a different planet with tougher choices than their parents. Accepting that is the first step in avoiding despair.
Despite having vast amounts of arable land, nutritious indigenous crops and a booming agricultural sector, Africa still imports most of its grain.
2011 was the driest year on record for Texas, causing an estimated cost of $7.62 billion in crop and livestock losses. A dry and hot June has many sounding alarm bells about 2022.
‘I wake up in the morning and for a moment I still expect to see the forest, and then reality kicks in,’ says Vaggelis Georgantzis, head of the resin producers union.
As these 3,000-year-old trees succumb to fire, we can still intervene if we have faster access to resources.
The author of “How to Be Black” and host of the “How to Citizen with Baratunde” podcast wants you to experience the outdoors with a new PBS television series.
"We need many more people working on this problem," said a co-organizer of the Wyoming Climate Summit.
The finding could increase the understanding of what’s going on in the sediment below and around seagrass root systems and improve seagrass conservation approaches.
Research suggests a surprising motive for environmentalism: feeling good.

Nigerian refugees and Cameroonian villagers are taking part in efforts to reforest the area around the Minawao refugee camp near the border between the two countries.

Golden Horseshoe municipalities have until July 1 to produce a growth plan that looks to 2051. Doug Ford's government prefers single-family housing, but some cities and regions are resisting urban sprawl.

When completed, Villiers Island will be one of the first “climate positive” communities in Toronto.
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