To achieve a carbon-free electricity sector, the country would need to more than double the power infrastructure it has now in the next decade.
Building even more power poles and transmission lines won’t avert outages when major disasters strike.

Petaluma high school students who just got back from distant learning are now caring for a federally endangered species with nowhere else to go.

Produced by Colby College, this film features conservationist Steve Tatko. Managing over 100,000 acres of Maine forest for the Appalachian Mountain Club, Tatko focuses on techniques that promote natural regeneration rather than planting trees.

A handful of companies are pursuing airborne seeding, but there’s little evidence so far that the tactic will succeed.
Two separate efforts are underway to maximize carbon absorption, one for smaller landowners and the other for forest industry heavyweights.
With politicians failing to take climate action, activists from Asia to South America to Europe are taking governments and polluters to court in a last-ditch bid to reduce emissions — and global heating.

Primatologist and conservation icon Jane Goodall has formally joined a global effort to counter climate change and the extinction crisis by planting a trillion trees within a decade.

Local evidence of the cataclysm has literally washed away over the years. But Oregon’s Douglas firs may have recorded clues deep in their tree rings.

On the northern edge of the Mojave Desert, a new trauma has awakened old concerns: What happens if a town's water gets shut off?

Members of the Vermont Climate Council are seeking input from the public as they hurry to draft the state’s first-ever Climate Action Plan.

The U.S. government released projections Wednesday that indicate an even more troubling outlook for a river that serves 40 million people in the American West.

Using apocalyptic images, three presidents and seven foreign ministers warned Thursday that a warmer world is also a more violent one. At a ministerial meeting of the Security Council, the officials urged the U.N.'s most powerful body to do more to address the security implications of climate change.

COP26 is being called our “last hope” for meeting the world’s Paris Agreement goal, and the role of youth is more important than ever.
For people living in the bayou region, housing is one of the biggest concerns in the wake of Hurricane Ida, with 13,000 homes destroyed.
The path forward requires a new understanding of our burning world.
As Californians fail to meet water conservation goals amid the state’s ongoing drought,...
The plan builds on six areas of impact noted in the 2021 Climate Change Impacts Assessment.
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