A biomass industry insider tells Mongabay in exclusive interviews that Enviva, the world’s largest maker of wood pellets for energy, is disingenuous in its green, eco-friendly claims to the public and stockholders.

Newly obtained documents reveal the Alberta Energy Regulator has kept a confidential list of ‘potentially high risk’ sites, including some that could endanger public safety, since at least 2019.

A viral post claims that animal agriculture is the "biggest contributor" to climate change. But experts say fossil fuels are the largest contributor.
The Texas Public Policy Foundation is shaping laws, running influence campaigns and taking legal action in a bid to promote fossil fuels.
The dismal reality is that green energy will save not the complex web of life on Earth but the particular way of life of one domineering species.

Many advocates are fleeing the platform, unnerved by the surge in climate misinformation since Musk’s chaotic takeover.

15 emerging issues that anyone who cares about biodiversity ought to keep an eye on.

The Department of Transportation’s Every Day Counts program once emphasized auto-oriented infrastructure. Now it's doing more to take climate and safety into account.
The White House has little appetite for changes to the Inflation Reduction Act, but officials say the rulemaking process may help accommodate concerns.
The question of having kids in a warming world has started to shift — from fears over what children will do to the climate to fears over what the climate will do to them.
Entire forests and enormous factories running 24/7 can barely keep up with demand. This is how the cardboard economy works.
The boxy machines look and function like large air-conditioners on reverse, but Germans hope they hold the key to Europe’s push for fossil-free heating.
A plan led by Barbados could remake the way the world of finance deals with the climate crisis.

Scientists have debated whether a new technology is a critical climate solution or would carry unacceptable risks. A project in Wyoming’s coal region could begin to provide answers.

A former coal-fired power plant in New Jersey will be imploded Friday, and its owners are expected to announce plans for a new clean energy venture on the site.

The president has been clear about his support for establishing a U.S. manufacturing base for electric vehicles.

A new climate change plan in the European Union, which has been lauded for its ambitious targets and aggressive action on emissions, will sacrifice carbon-storing trees, threaten biodiversity and outsource deforestation, according to a new paper.

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