False narratives about renewable energy are malleable and adapted to different languages after extreme weather events in different countries, the researchers found.
Ultra-processed foods are bad for our health and our planet and must be central to any efforts to reduce our carbon emissions, and waistlines.
EPA hearing on Alabama power utility coal ash regulations holds implications for Georgia Power cleanup, waters.
Trees make clouds by releasing small quantities of vapors called “sesquiterpenes.” Scientists are learning more—and it’s making climate models hazy.
Plastic cutlery is banned in England from Sunday but plastic containers for takeaway meals are not.

From June to August 2023, a series of extreme weather events exacerbated by climate breakdown caused death and destruction across the globe.

The tug of war over one drilling lease in the Gulf of Mexico involving the president, Congress and the courts illustrates the limits of executive power.
The approval for a second injection well in Plum Borough near Pittsburgh raises fears that more could be on the way for Pennsylvania.
One man’s quest to lure climate investment from the wealthy enclave of Jackson underscores how the climate law works: It runs on rich people.

A trio of major oil and gas producers are testing a new-to-New Mexico process to keep natural gas in the ground when it can’t be transported, sold or otherwise shipped through a pipeline.

Shell’s plant is spewing air pollution and blowing past permit limits in Western Pennsylvania, so we're pushing to hold it accountable.

Endorsing natural gas as your prescription for climate change is like announcing that instead of driving off a cliff at 90 mph, you’re in favor of driving off that same cliff, but at 60 mph. Same destination, but we don’t get there quiiiite as fast.

For decades, Republicans and Democrats alike supported wind energy in Iowa. But recently, there’s been a surge in local opposition to projects.

Mobi, a new online interactive map, draws information from public databases, government statistics and field observations to paint a comprehensive picture of the threats that uncontacted Indigenous peoples face in the Brazilian Amazon.

Billionaire Gina Rinehart hired a firm with federal Conservative ties to press for Grassy Mountain mining.
How to sell New Yorkers on setting aside food waste? Talk about the decrease in rats.
Airborne plastic particles in cloud water could impact rapid cloud formation and potentially affect the climate
It kills 7 million people a year. New research shows it also raises antibiotic resistance and is linked to cancer risks
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