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climate justice
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Hurricane Beryl highlights vulnerabilities in Houston's infrastructure
Trump denies knowing about Project 2025 crafted by his former officials
RGGI Pennsylvania politics

Shapiro's working group finds no consensus on RGGI. Supporters and opponents weigh in

Both supporters and opponents of Pa. joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative feel vindicated by the working group's conclusion.
coal power plant
Image by Benita Welter from Pixabay

Community attends 'Calling Hours,' a memorial for its deceased coal plant

A coal-fired power plant closed during the pandemic. A performance brought the community together to say goodbye.
climate homer city pittsburgh

Homer City — Pa.’s largest coal-fired power plant — will close in July

Citing low prices for its main competitor, warm winters, and environmental regulations, Pennsylvania’s largest coal-fired power plant will shut down by July 1, the company that owns it said.

climate impacts biodiversity pittsburgh

Spring arrived early for some this year. And it's complicated

It’s been a warm winter in Pittsburgh and other parts of Pennsylvania. Daffodils have been blooming for weeks, and even trees are budding. So is spring here?

clairton coke works pollution

U.S. Steel closing 3 coke batteries at its Clairton plant. Move is expected to lower emissions

U.S. Steel will begin closing three of its 10 remaining coke batteries at its Clairton plant later this month. It is expected to cut emissions by 15 to 20 percent.
wayne national forests oak trees

Oak trees take center stage at a federal courthouse

An environmental group is suing to stop the U.S. Forest Service from moving forward with a project that would clear-cut 1600 acres in the Wayne National Forest, about two hours southwest of Pittsburgh.

josh shapiro rggi budget energy carbon pollution

Pa. Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget proposal includes Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The proposed budget assumes Pennsylvania will charge power plants for carbon dioxide pollution, raising more than $600 million.