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35 million year old data could unlock future of Antarctica

Scientists have unravelled the secrets of a period 35 million years ago when Earth cooled rapidly, leaving Antarctica shrouded in ice. The findings could help to predict the unstable future of the West Antarctic ice sheet, researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute say.

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Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

New study finds world's strongest ocean current speeding up

The world’s strongest ocean current, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, is speeding up, according to new research, mostly because of rising ocean temperatures.

Southern Ocean's ecological richness

Ceridwen Fraser, Christina Hulbe, Craig Stevens, Huw Griffiths: An ocean like no other: the Southern Ocean's ecological richness and significance for global climate

The Southern (Antarctic) Ocean is our planet's primary storage of heat and carbon, and it's home to extraordinary life forms, from tiny algae and spineless creatures to penguins, seals and whales.
Journey to Antarctica: Jeff Goodell returns from Thwaites Glacier

Journey to Antarctica: Jeff Goodell returns from Thwaites Glacier

As he ends his two-month long voyage to Thwaites glacier, Jeff Goodell wrestles with the awesomeness, the strangeness and the power of what he saw on his journey to Antarctica.