coal phaseout

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extreme heat & vulnerable populations
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
geo-engineering potential solutions
Toxic coal ash complicates Chapel Hill redevelopment plans
large-scale heat pump technology
Credit: Ryan Elwell/Flickr

Could large heat pumps revolutionize how we warm our homes?

The German city of Mannheim heats thousands of homes using ice-cold water. With the concept gaining ground around the world, DW reporter Tim Schauenberg took to the Rhine River to find out how it works.
repurposing reclaiming coal mines
Credit: Greg Goebel/Flickr

Arch Resources, Campbell County look to repurpose coal facilities ahead of mine closures

Campbell County commissioners recently rezoned a portion of the Coal Creek Mine in an effort to attract new businesses to backfill expected job and revenue losses in the coal industry.
Joe Manchin coal supporter

Sen. Manchin is the last in a line of formidable West Virginia Democrats who promoted coal interests

Joe Manchin’s impending departure from the Senate marks the end of an era for powerful West Virginia Democrats who wielded considerable power as advocates for the state's coal interests.
Pennsylvania renewable energy transition

Exus set to develop renewable energy projects after new investment from private equity firm

A slew of Pennsylvania coal plants have either closed or are scheduled to close in the next few years, leaving a generational void and lots of useful electrical infrastructure in their place.
Australian coal plant phaseout

Analysis finds extending Australian coal plant's lifespan could cost $1.7 billion in damages a year

The NSW government is currently in talks with Origin about using taxpayer subsidies to extend the life of the plant in the state's Hunter region. It follows a review that found the state should discuss delaying the plant's closure to help prevent blackouts due to the slow building of renewables.
Australia energy transition anxiety

Energy minister says replacing coal-fired power stations with nuclear would cost $387 billion

The federal government releases figures to try to shut down growing calls from the opposition to consider nuclear as part of Australia's future energy mix, with Energy Minister Chris Bowen saying there would be a "massive cost to pay".
prisons on abandoned strip mines

Q&A: From coal to prisons in Eastern Kentucky, and the struggle for a ‘just transition’

“Coal, Cages, Crisis” author Judah Schept discusses mass incarceration in Central Appalachia and putting prisons on strip mines, including a new one a Kentucky Congressman is trying to fast track.