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Oil and gas land sale nets $79M amid New Mexico climate concerns

A contentious auction of public land to the oil and gas industry brought in about $78.8 million to the federal government this week, amid outcry from New Mexico environmental groups calling for a halt on using the lands for fossil fuel drilling.

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Here's what we know about New Mexico's oil and gas pollution inquiries

Violations of state air pollution rules have been reported throughout southeast New Mexico’s Permian Basin according to a database published by the state’s Environment Department detailing active and resolved cases.

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Group calls on New Mexico to crack down on oil and gas air pollution

Amid fears of worsening air quality in New Mexico’s oil and gas regions, an environmental group called on the State of New Mexico to enforce regulations targeting emissions from extraction.

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Does New Mexico have the money to hold oil and gas accountable?

Concerns lingered that oversight of oil and gas industry was inadequately funded in New Mexico, despite an almost $9.6 billion budget approved by lawmakers during this year’s legislative session that concluded March 18.

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How did pro-oil candidates fare in New Mexico's 2022 elections?

Pro-oil candidates struggled to take office in New Mexico in the 2022 election, as Democrats espousing environmental policy targeting reductions of pollution largely won their respective elections at state and federal levels.

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New Mexico Democrats hope bill will protect rights against pollution

Rights to a clean environment could be enshrined in New Mexico’s Constitution if a resolution pre-filed ahead of the 2023 Legislative Session is passed, putting the matter before voters.

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New Mexico at forefront in shift from oil and gas pollution, study says

New Mexico's oil and gas regions could lead the nation in finding new forms of low-carbon energy, said researchers as Los Alamos National Laboratory.