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School bus energy transition
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School buses get a green boost with $1 billion EPA investment

A clean school bus initiative, funded by the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure law, aims to protect students from harmful air pollution and support the transition to green energy.

Maxine Joselow and Anna Phillips report for The Washington Post

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School bus energy transition
Credit: Jim Martin/BigStock Photos ID: 6473630

EPA unveils $1 billion for electric and low-emission school buses

The EPA funding will allow school districts to purchase electric and low-emission buses, but it could be a bumpy transition for some districts
California promotes electric trucks
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California pushes electric trucks as the future of freight

A mainstay of cargo transport will be phased out at ports as California bans new registrations of carbon-fuel trucks in favor of nonpolluting ones.
tractor plowing field

Farmers protest against a German government plan to cut tax breaks for diesel

German farmers are gathering in Berlin to protest against planned cuts to tax breaks for diesel used in agriculture, part of a deal reached by the government to plug a hole in the country’s budget.
Amazon delivery pollution
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Study: People near Amazon delivery stations order fewer packages, but are exposed to more pollution

Seattle-area neighborhoods closer to Amazon delivery stations are subject to double the amount of truck traffic, according to the University of Washington study.
Texas electric school buses

East Texas school district first to go all electric with bus fleet

The Martinsville Independent School District used a federal grant to replace four buses, which started transporting students last month. The principal believes he will save enough money on gas to hire a new teacher.
California pollution reducing port rules

Latest California port rules could cut down on pollution for Port of Richmond community

New rules announced in mid-October are getting tougher on one source of emissions that has so far been ignored.