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Suspect in Buffalo rampage cited 'ecofascism' to justify actions

Before 10 people died in a shooting at a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday, the alleged gunman wrote a screed citing “ecofascism,” an ideology that blames environmental problems on immigration and overpopulation.

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An Arizona case blaming immigration for climate change echoes far-right environmentalism and ecofascism

As the impacts of human-induced climate change become harder and harder to ignore, some on the right have moved away from denying it exists and toward a new strategy: blaming immigrants for contributing to the problem.

Has coronavirus revived eco-fascism?

Has coronavirus revived eco-fascism?

In America, environmentalism is often seen as a left-wing partisan issue. But in other parts of the world, and at different points in history, environmentalists have also had right-wing motivations too.

Beware far-right arguments disguised as environmentalism

Beware far-right arguments disguised as environmentalism

Extinction Rebellion impostors have called humans 'a disease'.
The blood-dimmed tide

The blood-dimmed tide

It's the year 2100. The nationalist ideology popularized by Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Boris Johnson has not only retained its hold on industrialized nations, but also expanded amid conditions of climate upheaval.