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U.S. hit by record number of high-cost disasters in 2023
Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife/Flickr

U.S. hit by record number of high-cost disasters in 2023

There were 28 storms, wildfires or other disasters that each cost at least one billion dollars in damages, a sign of the growing economic burden of climate change.
Snow shortages are plaguing the West's mountains
Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

Snow shortages are plaguing the West's mountains

Some ski areas remain closed. But an even greater concern amid a changing climate is whether enough snow will fall to meet water needs for the summer.
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flooding people in street
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Italy and Spain experienced some of the world’s most costly climate disasters in 2023

The report calls for world leaders of developed countries to channel more funding into climate finance.
panama canal
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Changing climate casts a shadow over the future of the Panama Canal – and global trade

Facing a near unprecedented ‘rainfall deficit’, the Panama Canal has been forced to restrict the number of vessels passing through it.

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2023 record global heat

Announced at COP28 climate talks: This year is hottest in recorded history

Scientists confirmed another year of extreme temperatures as world leaders gathered in Dubai for a U.N. summit on global warming.
jakarta toxic smog cocktail

Coal power, traffic, waste burning a toxic smog cocktail in Indonesia's Jakarta

Pollution is causing respiratory illnesses and deaths to rise in Indonesia's island of Java, including the capital, Jakarta.
wildfire smoke ocean
Photo by Steven Weeks on Unsplash

UN report highlights growing climate crisis ahead of COP28

Ahead of the COP28 summit, a new UN report reveals alarming increases in greenhouse gas emissions, underscoring the urgency for decisive climate action.

-- Matt Simon reports forWired.

In short:

  • The title of the UN Environment Programme succinctly captures the shortcomings of global climate action: “Broken Record—Temperatures Hit New Highs, Yet World Fails to Cut Emissions (Again).”
  • The gap is widening between current emissions and Paris Agreement targets.
  • The report highlights record temperatures and slow progress in renewable energy adoption.

Key quote:

"We've taken stock, we know what the problems are. But the question is, what will leaders at COP28 agree to do about it?"

— Taryn Fransen, report co-author.

Why this matters:

The UN report sheds light on the critical state of our climate and argues for rapid and substantial policy changes to mitigate global warming. Arguments about adverse economic impacts of climate action often weaken political will, yet the economic consequences of unmitigated climate change are enormous, from public health to agriculture to public infrastructure.

What do you think are effective arguments for building political will to accelerate emissions reductions and transform the energy sector?

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