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electric snowmobiles taiga

The Tesla effect: Snowmobiles, boats and mowers go electric

Snowmobiles, made by a start-up Canadian company, Taiga, are battery-powered — the first electric snowmobiles to be sold widely — and symbols of how conveyances of all kinds are migrating to emission-free propulsion.

electric bikes, snowmobiles in NWT
Taiga/ taigamotors.com

Extra supports could come for electric bikes, snowmobiles in NWT

The NWT government says it will explore whether offering rebates for electric bikes and electric snowmobiles – as Yukon does – is worthwhile.
snowmobiling going electric

Can snowmobiling really go electric?

The beloved winter pastime has long been a massive polluter. Canadian startup Taiga Motors set out to transform the industry into something more environmentally friendly—and the big manufacturers are getting onboard.