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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Hurricane Beryl Cat 5 destruction
Coral reefs that protect Caribbean islands from hurricanes are rapidly declining
Prescribed burn decrease Florida Wildfire risk increase
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Servic/Flickr/Public Domainhttps://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/

Craig Pittman: Florida has a burning issue involving fire — or the lack of it

Prescribed burns are necessary, but our hordes of new residents complain about the smoke.

Climate change & extreme precipitation
The National Guard/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowedU.S. Army courtesy photo by Spc. Samuel Hermanhttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Craig Pittman: Climate change makes Florida ‘rain-bombs’ more common

If you live in Florida, you never suffer from an irony deficiency. Case in point: Flood managers from across the nation gathered in South Florida last week for a conference — only to run into the region’s worst flooding in yeeeeeeeeears.

manatee deaths climate water
Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

Good news-bad news on Florida manatee deaths this year

So far this year, scientists have spotted only 215 dead manatees. In the first three months of last year, the number of dead manatees hit 463. The year before that — the one that broke the record — the scientists by this point had already collected 559 carcasses.

Florida climate politics
The National Guard/U.S. Army courtesy photo by Spc. Samuel Herman/Commercial use & mods allowed

Craig Pittman: Florida CFO’s bungle shows his ‘ESG’ concern is three-letter B.S.

Our pro-fossil fuel politicians don’t care enough about FL to stop what climate change is doing to the state.

Florida light pollution & rampant development
Photo by Hector Falcon on Unsplash

Craig Pittman: Florida legislators keep us in the dark about allowing developers to light up the night

Our elected officials change the rules to benefit their businesses even when it hurts the state we hold dear.

developer plows forward with 1991-era Florida subdivision
Joe Wolf/Flickr

Craig Pittman: Time-traveling developer plows forward with 1991-era Florida subdivision

Where were you in 1991? I know where the U’s were: The U.S. was gearing up for the Gulf War. The USSR still existed but was about to dissolve. And U2 released what I think is their best album, “Achtung, Baby.”

Florida wetlands politics
Diana Robinson/Flickr

Craig Pittman: Florida attorney general tries to make it easier to pave over wetlands

Court cases can be quite entertaining. And I don’t just mean the fictional courtroom dramas on TV, ranging from “Perry Mason” to “LA Law” to “Law and Order: No Not That One, The Other One.” In the four years I spent covering criminal courts for Florida’s largest newspaper, I saw some amazing cases. I saw […]