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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Toxic coal ash complicates Chapel Hill redevelopment plans
king tides climate water sea level rise

King Tides give us a preview of sea level rise

The year’s highest tides, known as “king tides,” will hit California shorelines December 23 and 24 and again January 21 and 22, providing a glimpse of what to expect as sea levels rise.

Climate change & Vancouver's coastal vulnerabilities
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Climate change is coming for Kits Pool

A violent winter storm almost did in a beloved summer escape. Next time might be worse.
vancouver king tides climate impacts
Photo by Masaru Suzuki on Unsplash

Vancouver King Tides could worsen with climate change

Vancouver city staff have been cleaning debris after parts of Vancouver’s Seawall were crushed by a king tide on Friday.

king tides in San Francisco

‘Royal tide’ makes splashy appearance in San Francisco

Right on cue, the king tide made a splashy entrance along the Embarcadero in San Francisco on Saturday.

more frequent nuisance flooding

Storm drain sensors show more frequent nuisance flooding

“We’ve already started seeing how coastal communities are experiencing flooding more often than they were before and especially on sunny days, outside of storm events when tides are particularly high,” says UNC researcher Miyuki Hino.
south florida climate impacts water flooding

Sea-level rise becoming a hazard for suburban South Florida neighborhoods far from ocean

Neighborhoods 20 miles inland are starting to feel the impact, as the Atlantic Ocean's higher elevation makes it harder for drainage canals to keep them dry.

king tides & coastal vulnerability

Get ready, South Florida. The first round of king tides is upon us.

The king tides arrive Thursday in South Florida. Daily high tides can rise by a foot or more during king tide, experts say.