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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
vermont farmers flood risks
Hurricane Beryl leaves millions of Texans without power amid soaring heat
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UN proposes fossil fuel ad ban
Credit: tanaonte/BigStock Photo ID: 456977425

UN chief calls for ban on fossil fuel advertising

UN Secretary General António Guterres has called for a ban on fossil fuel advertising to combat climate change, labeling coal, oil, and gas corporations as "godfathers of climate chaos."

Matt McGrath and Mark Poynting report for BBC.

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fossil fuel influence
Credit: Mahesh/Flickr

Oil companies leverage academic partnerships to influence climate change action

Oil companies are strategically partnering with universities to influence climate change research and policy, recently revealed documents show.

Emma Dumain and Corbin Hiar report for E&E News.

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Plastics industry misinformation campaign
Credit: Louis Vest/Flickr

Plastics and education: a critical conversation unfolds in schools

Petrochemical conglomerates take to the classroom in a concerted effort to focus responsibility for plastic waste on the consumer while absolving industry.

Evan Halper reports for The Washington Post.

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Michael Mann climate defamation

US climate scientist’s defamation case over online attacks finally comes to trial

Michael Mann alleges, in lawsuit first brought in 2012, that attacks on his work by climate denialists amount to defamation.

Saudi Arabia renewables disinformation campaign
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Saudi Arabia focuses on emissions from wind and solar over oil

The kingdom is elevating the use of fans and filters to pull carbon dioxide out of the sky. But its motives are under scrutiny at global climate talks.
recycled water bottle claims

Coca Cola, Nestlé face scrutiny on recycled bottles claims

Dutch consumer watchdog Consumentenbond has joined European consumer organisation Beuc and other groups from 12 EU countries in a legal complaint against food and drink giants Coca Cola, Danone and Nestlé for misleading claims about recycling plastic bottles.

misinformation threatening clean energy transition

Memes and misinformation are threatening the clean energy transition

For decades, Republicans and Democrats alike supported wind energy in Iowa. But recently, there’s been a surge in local opposition to projects.