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extreme heat disaster designation
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
eu nature restoration law
Canada passes Bill C-226 to combat environmental racism
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climate energy ivy league devestment
Photo by Cole Parsons on Unsplash

These elite universities have a fossil fuel problem

For years, oil companies have funded some of the top climate scientists at Ivy League universities. But as scandals accumulate, maybe that will start to change.
atlanta urban forest cop city climate

Atlanta’s “Cop City” and the vital fight for urban forests

The people protesting “Cop City”—at tremendous personal cost—deserve our support. They’re defending a vital public health and climate resource.
google maps climate pollution biodiversity

The climate apocalypse will be Google mapped

Google Maps’s air quality indicators and wildfire warnings suggest one approach to a warming world. It’s grim.
Atlanta police shooting & environmental activism

The Atlanta police shooting is a warning sign for the safety of environmental activists

Environmental defenders get killed at appalling rates in other countries. Could that trend come to the U.S.?
soot pollution toxics pollution

Corporate America reserves the right to kill you with soot pollution

All the usual suspects have lined up against the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed tightening of air pollution regulations.
Fracking poisoned this town’s water. now frackers are being allowed back in.
Photo by Imani on Unsplash

Fracking poisoned this town’s water. now frackers are being allowed back in.

Pennsylvania authorities have ended a moratorium on fracking in the town of Dimock, highlighting the contradictory nature of fossil fuel politics in the region.
silent spring history Douglas Brinkley

The problem with Silent Spring environmentalism

A new history of the environmental movement places too much emphasis on famous figures like Rachel Carson and shies away from confronting failures.