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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Biden restores climate change page to EPA website, reversing Trump

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency restored a page containing key climate change information to its public website on Thursday, four years after the Trump administration had removed it as part of a strategy to downplay global warming threats.
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Once united in support of Biden, environmentalists and unions clash over pipelines

Environmentalists and labor unions that threw their support behind U.S. President Joseph Biden now find themselves on the opposite sides of a battle over the construction of big pipeline projects between Canada and the United States.

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Biden plan to end U.S. fossil fuel subsidies faces big challenges

President-elect Joe Biden's promise to end U.S. fossil fuel subsidies worth billions of dollars a year for drillers and miners could be hard to keep due to resistance from lawmakers in a narrowly divided Congress, including from within his own party.
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Top U.S. Interior Department contender eyes renewable energy expansion on public land

A top contender to lead the U.S. Interior Department under Democratic President-elect Joe Biden said the federal government should prioritize expanding renewable energy projects on public land, changing course after the Trump administration paved the way for a surge in oil and gas drilling there.