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California receives federal funds to train climate-resilient workforce
Solar for Pennsylvania schools gets bipartisan support
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Solar for Pennsylvania schools gets bipartisan support

A proposal in the state legislature would help boost renewables in Pennsylvania by easing the process for schools to install solar panels.

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“We each have a commitment to the community”: Solar resilience in a Puerto Rico town

Residents in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, have built the island’s first community-owned solar microgrid. The project is the latest effort in a grassroots movement to build energy security in Puerto Rico in the form of solar power.

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Untapped solar potential on warehouse roofs

As tensions rise over renewable energy displacing farmland, large rooftops are a growing space on which to install solar panels.
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Inflation Reduction Act stackable tax credits could mean huge benefits

Inflation Reduction Act stackable tax credits—including one for places that lost fossil fuel jobs—could reduce the cost of clean energy projects by 40% to 70%.
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SolarShare Wisconsin Cooperative aims to make investing in clean energy accessible to all

Solar farms are popping up across Wisconsin, and a new cooperative wants to make sure that everyone can benefit from the growing industry.

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US invests in alternative solar tech, more solar for renters

The Biden administration announced more than $80 million in funding Thursday in a push to produce more solar panels in the U.S., make solar energy available to more people, and pursue superior alternatives to the ubiquitous sparkly panels made with silicon.

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In the race to develop the best solar power materials, what if the key ingredient is effort?

A new paper looks at how improvements in solar panel efficiency are tied to the volume of research being done.