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Supreme Court limits federal agencies' regulatory authority by overturning Chevron decision
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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New pipelines spotlight flawed safety oversight

A growing network of pipelines faces scrutiny as inadequate regulatory oversight leaves safety in the hands of companies, risking both public and environmental safety.

Mike Soraghan reports for Politico.

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pipeline safety funding & oversight
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Pipeline safety debate heats up in Congress amid continuing incidents

More than a decade after major pipeline safety reforms, U.S. Congress remains divided on the need for increased oversight amidst persistent safety incidents.

James Osborne reports for the Houston Chronicle.

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pipeline safety funding & oversight
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Congress at odds over pipeline safety funding as ruptures continue

More than a decade after Congress passed landmark pipeline safety legislation, lawmakers are at odds over whether the sector is in need of greater oversight.
pipeline safety and oversight
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Pipeline expansion outpaces US safety agency’s capacity

Rapid growth in the pipeline industry has outstripped the Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's ability to ensure system safety.

Jacob Fischler reports for West Virginia Watch

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dakota access pipeline protesters

Still concerned about the Dakota Access pipeline? The feds are asking for comment, 7 years later

The controversial pipeline near Standing Rock united the climate movement. Now regulators want the public to weigh in on the project’s environmental impact.
Environmental group says DEP is stonewalling it amid search for answers about plant explosion

Environmental group says DEP is stonewalling it amid search for answers about plant explosion

The state Department of Environmental Protection has taken bold action against Energy Transfer in the past.
carbon capture & storage pipelines
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Rush to build carbon pipeline leaps ahead of federal rules and safety standards

At least two companies are planning to convert natural gas pipelines to carry carbon dioxide instead, but there aren’t yet any federal safety rules to cover them. Nicholas Kusnetz reports for Inside Climate News.
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