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Defining the Anthropocene
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Defining Anthropocene's start proves challenging

Geologists debate the official start of the Anthropocene, a term describing human impact on the planet, amidst scientific disagreement on its epoch or event classification.

Richard Fisher reports for the BBC.

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fossil fuels destabilizing planetary boundaries

Beyond climate: Oil, gas and coal are destabilizing all 9 planetary boundaries

Fossil fuels have done great good for humanity, but they are now not only threatening our planet’s climate, but also taking a terrible toll on the global environment, putting at risk Earth systems vital to life as we know it. Part 1 of a three-part miniseries.
Overconsumption & earth overshoot unsustainability
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Overconsumption: Germany needs 3 planets

On May 4, Germany exhausted its capacity to sustain itself. This "earth overshoot" will be compensated by taking finite resources from poorer countries — and future generations.
Will Steffen, climate scientist obituary

Will Steffen, climate scientist who warned of a ‘Hothouse Earth,’ dies at 75

The scientist had advocated for official recognition of the Anthropocene epoch and warned of a "Hothouse Earth" of devastating, unstoppable climate change.
japan climate landslides flooding

Japan’s example: Can forest planting reduce climate disaster risk?

In disaster-prone Japan, torrential rains exacerbated by the climate crisis have caused serious flooding and landslides in recent years, including in the country’s many forests.

herbivores climate solutions

Counterintuitive: Large wild herbivores may help slow climate change

In contrast to their reputation, big plant eaters such as elephants that disturb forest and grassland vegetation could help curb climate change.
animating the carbon cycle biodiversity

Animating the Carbon Cycle: Earth’s animals vital allies in CO2 storage

Wildlife — as big as elephants and as small as spiders — are important players in the carbon cycle, and scientists say that supercharging ecosystems with animals could enhance terrestrial and marine carbon sinks.