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Bison return to Native American lands

Bison return to Native American lands, revitalizing sacred rituals

More than a century after a mass bison slaughter, the animals are restoring Great Plains ecosystems and reinvigorating Indigenous customs like the sun dance.
climate change on the Canadian Prairies

What will climate change actually look like on the Prairies?

We take a look at what a warmer world means for Alberta and Saskatchewan.
protecting Canada’s natural landscapes

Four ways people are protecting Canada’s natural landscapes

Canada is home to a vast amount of carbon-rich ecosystems. Protecting them is crucial to fighting the climate crisis.

canada climate and environment politics

Federal election 2021: where parties stand on climate and environment issues

Canadians who watched the English-language leaders' debate learned little about the differences between the climate policies of Justin Trudeau's Liberals, Erin O'Toole's Conservatives, Jagmeet Singh's NDP and Annamie Paul's Greens. Here's what the federal election debate missed.