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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Biden announces $1.7 billion to support US EV factories
Tribes and conservationists work to save spearfishing from climate change

James Gustave Speth: Opening a new path on climate and the future

Adapting to climate change does not address the societal systems and values that spawned the current crisis. What’s needed is “systemic adaptation” that fundamentally changes our economy, our politics, and our priorities in ways that put community and the planet first.
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The politics of climate change

With heat records set in southern Arizona and around the world, a new survey shows there is a big split on climate change and where it should be on the list of priorities.

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The right words are crucial to solving climate change

Speaking to people’s priorities can build the will needed to implement climate solutions.

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Indigenous communities outline their climate data priorities

Native American tribal communities are actively engaged in adapting to climate change. What information and data will help them build resilience to the new normal?