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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Trees, drought and climate change

Droughts are nothing new on the Prairies, but for University of Saskatchewan researcher Colin Laroque, the summer of 2021 stood out. “No matter what region you went to, you felt that intense lack of rain and intense heat that really drove out any moisture left in the uppermost soil,” he said.

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Researchers breed barley for climate change

As climate change creates hotter, drier weather in southern latitudes and pushes agriculture north, a team of barley researchers has harnessed genetic tools to help producers adapt.

Global warming could be boon for prairie crops

Global warming could be boon for prairie crops

Canada is one of the few regions of the world where crop yields will benefit from global warming, according to a recently published Agriculture Canada research paper.

Climate change top ag issue for Canadians

Climate change top ag issue for Canadians

A recent and innovative public opinion study has found that Canadians are most interested in one topic related to agriculture — climate change.