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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Green policies and the rise of the far right in Europe

Green policies and the rise of the far right in Europe

A new study reveals a growing backlash in Europe against green policies, which is driving voters toward far-right political parties.

Shannon Osaka reports for The Washington Post.

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How can scientists better explain climate risks?

Climate scientists have long struggled to find the best ways to present crucial facts about future sea level rise to policymakers, stakeholders, and the general public, according to a new study.

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Elizabeth Township residents concerned about planned well pad near high school

Despite concerns expressed by residents and parents during six public hearings that each lasted several hours last year, township commissioners in January approved the Heracles well pad, pipeline and interconnection.

Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Environmental Journalist Peter Dykstra talks greening cities, House Republicans, climate change and Teddy Roosevelt.