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30x30 environment goal
Credit: James Marvin Phelps/Flickr

President Biden's conservation efforts face uncertainty as Trump eyes return

President Biden's ambitious plan to conserve 30% of US land and water by 2030 is making progress, but a potential Trump return threatens these gains.

Oliver Milman reports for The Guardian.

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solar farm

The US needs 22m acres for the solar energy transition – here’s what that looks like

If the US is to rid itself of fossil fuels then one of its primary replacements, solar energy, is going to need land. A lot of land.

renewable energy climate impacts

How renewable energy sources like wind, solar farms could use less land

The renewable energy industry is causing land conflicts and faces local opposition. A new study offers ideas for how solar and wind farms could use less space.
las vegas climate energy

Las Vegas is counting on public lands to power its growth. Is it a good idea?

As Nevada and other Western states look to spread out across more federal land, environmentalists and advocates of “smart growth” worry about sustainability, sprawl, water and climate change.

biodiversity climate causes interior

Oil showdown: 3 ways Interior may shape industry

Three oil and gas moves this week could reveal how President Joe Biden’s Interior Department plans to shape the federal fossil fuels program amid tense political fights over inflationary energy prices.

climate causes oil fossil fuels

After winter drilling permit slump, BLM approvals back up

The Biden administration’s oil and natural gas drilling approvals on public lands rose this spring from a winter low point that alarmed the oil industry.

mining public lands toxics

As the US rushes after the minerals for the energy transition, a 150-year-old law allows mining companies free reign on public lands

On the vast expanse of public lands across the West, a rush for the minerals needed for the 21st century technologies of the energy transition depends on a 150-year-old law. Those lands’ survival of the clean energy mineral rush may depend on rewriting it.