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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
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African discoveries of natural gas pose vexing climate challenge

Senegalese President Macky Sall has said denying the country the chance to tap its reserves is “climate fanaticism.”
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Could an ancient, climate-friendly crop be the future of beer?

Pierre Thiam and Garrett Oliver are on a mission to introduce brewmasters to fonio, a small and mighty west African grain.

Senegal musician Maal named UN ambassador on desertification
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Senegal musician Maal named UN ambassador on desertification

Since 2003, Senegalese singer-songwriter Baaba Maal has been committed to various development challenges in Africa, working with different U.N. family organizations.

Senegal gas deal drives locals to desperation
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Senegal gas deal drives locals to desperation, prostitution

When the gas rig arrived off the coast of Saint-Louis, residents of this seaside Senegalese town found reason to hope. Fishing has long been the community’s lifeblood, but the industry was struggling with climate change and COVID-19 .

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There is a myth about mass migration to Europe. But some people do risk it all

The challenges facing Africa are real, but depending on who you talk to, the solution is either to risk it all for a better life in Europe or stay on the continent and fight for a better future there.
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If there's a war against climate change, Saint-Louis is on the front lines

In Senegal, rising seas have led to devastating coastal erosion. If there is a war against climate change, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Saint-Louis is on the front lines. And the ocean is winning.
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Climate migration from Africa to Europe: The fishermen who leave home

Saint-Louis is the former colonial capital of Senegal, and it is filled with ornate 19th century villas. It is also the city that the U.N. has called the "most threatened by sea level rise in the whole of Africa."