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Shipping industry seeks sustainable fuel alternatives

Shipping industry seeks sustainable fuel alternatives

The shipping sector is moving away from heavy fuel oil to greener alternatives in response to stringent global regulations.

Chris Baraniuk reports for Hakai Magazine.

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shipping emissions

Ports pave the way for eco-friendly maritime travel

In a significant move toward sustainable shipping, ports worldwide are now investing in green fuels, enabling cargo ships to sail without carbon emissions.

Jorn Madslien reports for BBC News.

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Shipping contributes heavily to climate change. Are green ships the solution?

The container shipping lines that carry the bulk of global trade are betting on greener technologies, but there are still reasons those wagers could fail.
California pollution reducing port rules

Latest California port rules could cut down on pollution for Port of Richmond community

New rules announced in mid-October are getting tougher on one source of emissions that has so far been ignored.
Shipping showdown over greenhouse gases
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Shipping faces showdown over greenhouse gases

Global maritime industry faces a major decision on curbing carbon as pressure grows for a net-zero target.
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Shipping emissions could be halved without damaging trade, research finds

Greenhouse gas emissions from shipping could be halved by 2030 without damaging trade, new research has found, as countries prepare to meet to discuss a potential new tax on carbon produced by ships.

smooth ship hulls reduce emissions

The secrets of ships’ super smooth hulls

Scientists are searching for new coatings and treatments to make ships even faster and more efficient.