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A family watches a nearby wildfire
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
greenhouse gas emissions reductions
Environmental impacts are worsening global human rights, says report
puffin chicks starvation
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At Canada's largest Atlantic puffin colony, chicks are dying of starvation

Pufflings, the small chicks of the Atlantic puffin, are struggling due to a lack of food and warming ocean temperatures.
brown bear cubs climate impacts

Brown bear cubs in Japan die of starvation amid salmon shortage

As many as eight in 10 brown bear cubs born this year in a remote part of northern Japan have died amid a shortage of salmon, with experts blaming rising sea temperatures caused by the climate crisis.

global food insecurity crisis

More than 700 million people don't know when — or if — they will eat again, UN food chief says

The head of the United Nations food agency says a global hunger crisis has left more than 700 million people not knowing when or if they will eat again.
global food insecurity increasing
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More than 250m people faced acute food insecurity in 2022, UN report says

It's the fourth year in a row in which the number of people facing food crises increased substantially.

climate crisis fueling Horn of Africa drought

Human-driven climate crisis fueling Horn of Africa drought – study

Region is suffering its worst drought in 40 years after five consecutive years of below-average rainfall.

Jill Biden East Africa drought

Jill Biden sees East Africa drought up close, seeks more aid

U.S. first lady Jill Biden got an up-close look Sunday at the historic East Africa drought as she walked along arid land and listened as some Maasai women described how their children and livestock are going hungry.

Africa drought famine starvation

Drought in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya now worse than during 2011 famine

Rainfall trends in a historic Horn of Africa drought are now worse than they were during the 2011 drought when at least a quarter of million people died, according to a climate centre.