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Untapped solar potential on warehouse roofs

As tensions rise over renewable energy displacing farmland, large rooftops are a growing space on which to install solar panels.
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World's biggest Amazon warehouse raises fears over toxic air

Warehouses in California's Inland Empire are mushrooming in tandem with the nation's e-commerce habit, angering local residents.

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When residential neighborhoods are rezoned for warehouses

In Bloomington, a controversial warehouse proposal seeks to rezone residential land for industrial use. While residents fight to protect their neighborhood, a recent legal settlement in Fontana allows a warehouse to go up right next door to a school.
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Amid soaring demand for warehouses, an effort to make them greener

Some warehouse owners are taking steps to make their buildings more energy efficient, including upgrading building materials and turning the rooftops into solar farms.

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Cleaning up warehouse pollution

The air pollution agency for more than 18 million people in Southern California, which has the nation's worst air quality, voted on Friday to implement a new rule that will force warehouses to cut emissions from the trucks that service them.