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Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Trump tries to prop up coal and nuclear; an eye-opening deal to build an Alaska wilderness road.

Peter Dykstra and Host Steve Curwood discuss a rebuke to the Trump administration's efforts to prop up coal and nuclear power, and a controversial deal to allow a road through an Alaskan wildlife refuge.

Weekend Reader for Sunday, Jan. 14

Salmon stress on two fronts; more rollbacks from a Very Stable Genius; Nuclear for climate? Research from 56,000 dog years ago.

Even though President Trump enjoyed his brisk schedule of watching Fox & Friends and tweeting their news coverage, deriding other news outlets and investigations as part of a massive hoax, insulting large groups of people and sovereign nations and playing an absurd amount of golf for a guy with a big job, his team has plenty of time to stage the purge of environmental law and regulation. (Plenty more on that below.)

Rains came to California, and the hills of Los Angeles stopped burning. In Santa Barbara, the rains soaked fire-stripped hillsides, and the hills went to town. Mudslides brought death and destruction, as Nature fulfilled the fire->rain->mudslide cycle.

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An unlikely climate crusade in Trump country

Great piece here from FERN. EHN's recent series, "Peak Pig" looks at problems and some partial solutions for factory hog farms.

It was a quarter after eight on a steamy August morning when Rachel Grantham rumbled up in a big black pickup truck. The 26-year-old, six-foot-three agronomist sported a pink top, a purple miniskirt, camouflage muck boots and a single blonde braid draped over one shoulder. I hoisted myself into the cab of the truck, and we… » Read More