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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Biden to pledge $500 million to stop deforestation in Brazil

The promise to help Brazil protect the Amazon must be approved by Congress, where Republicans are opposed to foreign climate aid.
Indigenous Yarentaro petroleum extraction
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Can we put a price tag on nature?

Oil is lucrative, protecting the Amazon is not. We visited a community that has to live with the consequences.
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Heriberto Araujo: The defenders of the Amazon never wanted to be martyrs

For too long, the fate of the rainforest has rested on the shoulders of environmental and human rights activists.
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Ecuador moves to expand drilling in the Amazon

A novel idea to leave the country’s vast oil reserves in the ground fizzled for lack of international support. Now, struggling under painful debt, the government wants to expand drilling in the rainforest.
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Has the Amazon reached its ‘tipping point’?
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Has the Amazon reached its ‘tipping point’?

Some Brazilian scientists fear that the Amazon may become a grassy savanna — with profound effects on the climate worldwide.
Expectations run high as an exuberant Lula speaks at climate summit

Expectations run high as an exuberant Lula speaks at climate summit

On Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s first trip abroad after winning last month’s election, he pledged to protect the Amazon rainforest and said Brazil was “leaving its cocoon.”
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What’s next for the Amazon?

The election is over. We talked to people on both sides of Brazil’s political divide about their expectations.