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Biden announces $1.7 billion to support US EV factories
Tribes and conservationists work to save spearfishing from climate change
Russia's bellicose Arctic occupation

Gigantic Russian flag unveiled in the Arctic Ocean. “It's a sign of dominance and defiance”, geopolitics professor explains.

A group of scientists from the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute unveiled a 1,400 square metre white-blue-red Russian flag on the sea ice nearby the drifting polar station “Severny polyus-41”.

Arctic microplastics

Life beneath the Arctic ice Is chock-Full of microplastics

Frozen polar waters host a critical species of algae. Accumulating plastic particles could threaten the whole ecosystem.
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Milne Fjord Arctic ice shelf collapse
Nat Wilson/Flickr

A giant Arctic ice shelf collapse — and a quest for answers

At the extreme northern tip of the world, a team of scientists battles time and weather to ponder the aftereffects of a giant ice shelf collapse at Milne Fjord.

Shrinking Western Arctic Caribou

Shrinking Western Arctic caribou herd prompts discussion about future hunting restrictions

One of the largest caribou herds in the state has shrunk by 23% since 2019. Wildlife managers and Northwest Alaska residents are trying to strike a balance between protecting subsistence harvests and ensuring the herd’s long-term survival.
Alaska’s absent snowy owls

Alaska’s absent snowy owls

The only reliable snowy owl breeding site in the United States has a conspicuous shortage of owls.
Drilling on the Russian Arctic beach

Drilling Russian Arctic coast

Russian oil companies bid for licenses along Russia's remotest and most vulnerable shores.
Alaska oil permits blocked by federal judge

Alaska oil permits blocked by federal judge

A judge threw out federal approval of a multibillion-dollar oil project planned for Alaska, saying the government failed to properly assess the project’s impact on climate change and its potential harm to polar bears.