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Biden's Arctic policy curbs drilling
Credit: JLS Photography - Alaska/Flickr

Biden's Arctic policy curbs drilling and blocks road construction

President Biden curtails fossil fuel extraction in Alaska, aiming to preserve the region's pristine habitats.

Maxine Joselow reports for The Washington Post.

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norway expands oil drilling
Credit: Adrian Hu/Flickr

Norway boosts oil production, defying environmental concerns

In a move that contradicts its environmental image, Norway has significantly increased oil drilling licenses, indicating a surge in hydrocarbon extraction.

Atle Staalesen reports for the Barents Observer.

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Norway expands oil drilling
Credit: Adrian Hu/Flickr

Norway expands oil drilling, boosts production

The petrostate awards another 62 drilling licenses to the oil and gas industry and approaches a 15-year high in hydrocarbon extraction.

us sanctions arctic lng & mining

Americans attack Russian Arctic: new sanctions take aim at LNG and mining

The U.S Treasury adds a significant number of Russian individuals and companies to its sanctions list. It means trouble for the developers of liquified natural gas and new mines in the Russian Arctic.
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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil & gas

Biden administration to bar drilling on millions of acres in Alaska

The administration will cancel oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and set aside more than half of the National Petroleum Reserve.

Russia's bellicose Arctic occupation

Gigantic Russian flag unveiled in the Arctic Ocean. “It's a sign of dominance and defiance”, geopolitics professor explains.

A group of scientists from the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute unveiled a 1,400 square metre white-blue-red Russian flag on the sea ice nearby the drifting polar station “Severny polyus-41”.

Russian oil tankers battle sea-ice

A month after they set out on Arctic voyage, two Russian oil tankers still battle with sea-ice

The ships that are loaded with more than 200,000 tons of oil might have been surprised by ice pack in the East Siberian Sea.