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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
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‘Malice or ineptitude’: probe into police killing of eco-activist frustrates family

The inquiry into the death of Manuel Paez Terán has been marred by contradictory information released by officials.

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Atlanta’s “Cop City” and the vital fight for urban forests

The people protesting “Cop City”—at tremendous personal cost—deserve our support. They’re defending a vital public health and climate resource.
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Rising temperatures will affect which trees thrive in Georgia

A new map using data climate predictions from the U.S. Forest Service shows all "hardiness zones" are getting warmer, meaning the trees that have historically done well in Georgia may not thrive in the future.

US crackdown on environmental defenders

Atlanta shooting part of alarming US crackdown on environmental defenders

Twenty states have enacted laws restricting rights to peaceful protest, as environmentalists are increasingly criminalized.

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Georgia communities mobilize against expansion of foul-smelling wood-burning energy

A group of residents and environmentalists are fighting to prevent the world’s largest wood pellet plant from coming to a predominantly Black and Hispanic community in south Georgia.

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Three Georgia power plants land on list of nation’s dirtiest

The dirtiest power plants have an outsized impact: In 2020, the 10 most climate-polluting plants in Georgia were responsible for 91.5% of global warming emissions from the power sector despite only generating 56.5% of total electricity, according to the report.