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Judges' interpretations of the law significantly impact climate policy
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Houston tackles cleanup after Gulf Coast storm damages city
Earth stays above 1.5°C warming for a year
West Coast embraces electric big trucks, leading by example

West Coast embraces electric big trucks, leading by example

Titan Freight Systems is making a significant shift to electric trucks on the West Coast, showcasing both environmental and economic benefits.

Peter Fairley reports for The Tyee.

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GM stellantis fuel economy fines
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G.M. and Stellantis paid $364 million in fuel economy fines

General Motors and Stellantis paid a combined $363.8 million in penalties for failing to meet federal fuel-economy standards for cars and trucks they produced in previous years, according to federal government documents posted last week.

europe trade climate policy
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Europe frets U.S. battery factory subsidies will hurt, not help

The European Union is trying to assemble the building blocks to produce electric cars, but subsidies are luring companies to the United States.
Norway electric vehicle future
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In Norway, the electric vehicle future has already arrived

About 80 percent of new cars sold in Norway are battery-powered. As a result, the air is cleaner, the streets are quieter and the grid hasn’t collapsed. But problems with unreliable chargers persist.
Electric vehicle tax credit rules
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Electric vehicle tax credit rules create ‘chaos for consumers’

Buying an electric car has become much more complicated because of restrictions on which models qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500.
China electric vehicle revolution
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In China, a big auto show returns to a country that has gone electric

The Shanghai auto show, the largest in China since before the pandemic, had one theme: The dominance of electric vehicles in the world’s largest car market is here to stay.
electric vehicles climate solutions
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U.S. car brands will benefit most from electric vehicle tax breaks

Rules that take effect on Tuesday will limit the $7,500 credits to electric cars made domestically with minerals from the U.S. or trade allies.