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Autumn Budget: What it means for UK efforts to tackle climate change

Jeremy Hunt’s autumn Budget will not mirror the wish list of policies advocated by environmentalists and climate campaigners in the UK and abroad.

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November feels like September as warm weather shatters records in East

The Eastern U.S. is in the final throes of an extended and exceptional bout of warmth — which has resulted in dozens of records from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border since late last week.

How climate change disrupts fall foliage
Photo by Gary Yost on Unsplash

How climate change disrupts fall foliage

Climate change is making the timing of peak foliage harder to predict.

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Here's when fall foliage will hit its peak in Connecticut in 2022

Due to Connecticut’s dry conditions this summer, the state’s tree canopy may undergo an earlier color change compared to last year, when the state received a heavy amount of rainfall.

Can California tourism survive climate change?

Can California tourism survive climate change?

The most popular state for tourism in the U.S. endured record wildfires, drought and flooding just this year. “The rate of change has been so dramatic,” says one local scientist. “If I was the California tourism industry, I’d be really worried.”
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How climate change is influencing the color and timing of fall leaves

Researchers have found that estimating fall peak has become even trickier in recent decades. Warmer temperatures have delayed the onset of fall, pushing the peak of fall leaf season back as much as a week in some areas over the past seven decades.

Climate change means lots of birdsong, even in November

Climate change means lots of birdsong, even in November

Unlike other birds, robins have always sung throughout the season, but now other species are joining them due to their warming environment.