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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
GOP convention ignores climate change as heat crisis worsens
Why the debate over Russian uranium worries U.S. tribal nations

Why the debate over Russian uranium worries U.S. tribal nations

If imports end because of the war, American companies may look to increase domestic mining, which has a toxic history on Indigenous lands.
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Carbon border tax is proposed by Democrats

Democratic Senators will introduce a plan on Monday to tax iron, steel and other imports from countries without ambitious climate laws.

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It’s crunch time and Biden’s climate gambit faces steep hurdles

The linchpin of President Biden's climate plan faces a perilous path through the Congress, as scientists say nations must move now to aggressively reduce the pollution that is heating the planet and the United States is trying to reassert a leadership role in that global effort.

Uranium miners pushed hard for a comeback. They got their wish.

Bears Ears shrinks, Navajo neighbors cringe, uranium miners get a windfall.

Hundreds of mining claims fall neatly outside the new boundaries of Bears Ears National Monument, and a Navajo town scarred by uranium is bracing for new woes.